Approaching the British Heavies and Tabloids by Comparing two Chosen Articles

Essay, 2008
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1. Introduction

2. Analysis of the Article “I’m still Keane to take the pens

3. Analysis of the Article “Smiling Keane takes penalty miss in stride”

4. Conclusion

5. Original Documents

1. Introduction

You can find them in every little store in Britain and even in Germany most of the book shops inside train stations sell a variety of different Heavies and Tabloids. Since the quality and popular papers have many obvious differences, their articles feature these distinctions as well. On the one hand, the broadsheets like the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian or The Observer generally provide comparably long and detailed articles often written by experts. On the other hand, the yellow press offers their readers short, emotional and judgmental articles that cover mostly human interest stories.

This paper examines both the differences and the similarities of these two different categories of newspapers by approaching two articles which cover the same topic. The articles are picked out of the sports rubric due to the huge importance of sports (and especially football) for the British readership.

2. Analysis of the Article: “I’m still Keane to take the pens”

Concerning the layout of the whole page, the article to which this analysis refers is the largest one on the page and makes up approximately one third of the entire page. Nevertheless, the movie advertisement, which is placed next to the article, is approximately as big as the article itself. This causes the reader’s attention to be more focused on the advert and gives information about the importance of the article itself.

Firstly, the article contains a high quality photograph which is larger than the actual text. By putting the headline into the photo, the intended relation between the two elements is made obvious. The photo also functions as the base for the article because its message is almost self-explanatory. Taking the headline into consideration as well, the articles intention becomes clear. Robbie Keane’s comment on the displayed situation is supposed to catch the reader’s attention. While reading the headline and looking at the photo, questions arise like: “How does Keane explain his statement? Is he really that self-confident?” The copy is printed with justification which makes the amount of text look less and more reader-friendly for the paper’s regular target group.

The newspaper probably chose the photo because it shows a spectacular and important moment for the football-interested reader. It is also very dynamic and helps to keep the article from being static which would imply boredom for a readership for which the copy does not count too much. The graphic in the middle of the copy legitimizes the article’s existence. By referring to the upcoming football game, it also underlines the article’s importance and its relevance to an ongoing situation.

Regarding the written codes of the article, the headline has a salient size in order to attract the reader’s interest. One prominent keyword is of course “(Robbie) Keane” whose last name has a double meaning in the headline. The wordplay supports the article’s appeal to the readers and makes them wondering about the information given in the copy. Keane’s name is also mentioned quite often due to the fact that the article more focuses on him and his recent situation than on the upcoming game. Referring to the topical events, “penalty” and “spot-kick” are further keywords. As the two teams which are going to play against each other, “Spurs” and “Fulham” are mentioned with relation to game. Concerning Robbie Keane’s statements, the repeatedly used word “important” helps to express his current focus after the missed penalty.

The headline of the article predicts several facts and approaches. First of all, the word “still” refers to the fact that something happened in the past which is explained in the first sentences of the copy. Since the headline consists of a statement of one particular player, the reader will expect some sort of an interview or at least a focus on Robbie Keane. This is definitely given, as well. All in all, the headline summarizes the message that Robbie Keane is trying to express in the whole copy. In other words, the extra information expressed in the copy is limited.

Nevertheless, the copy is also supposed to give information about the upcoming game which is proven by the graphic in the center of the article. Keeping this in mind, the headline with its focus on a particular player does not really match with the actual topic and the article’s right to exist.

The title of the newspaper Sun obviously has a symbolic meaning. Being above all people on planet earth, the sun is able to see everything. The newspaper puts itself in the same position of being omniscient. Furthermore, the word “sun” itself has a quite positive connotation because of its function to provide daylight and warmth. Contradictorily and in order to catch attention, the Sun ’s logo on the Boxing Day issue features some snow on top of the letters.

The graphic placed in the center of the article is black-white and features the emblems of the two teams Tottenham Hotspurs and Fulham Football Club. In order to make the graphic look like a screen in a real football stadium, the letters consist of small dots. Combined with the dynamic action picture, the reader gets the impression of having an inside-view.


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Approaching the British Heavies and Tabloids by Comparing two Chosen Articles
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