Different Eyes watch different realities. A multi-identities approach to the world

Research Paper (postgraduate), 2009

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Table of contents

1. Introduction

2 The identification and classification of the characters as a way to understand easily our reality

3 The Idea of Person as Unique Universe

4 Focus on Gender

5 Conclusion: How to put the theory in practice


1. Introduction:

This paper wants to give the possibility to think that every human being with its specificities can create and walk on a path of peace based on the justice and the equality. Justice and Equality are concepts that gush from the thought that the human being is equal to every other Human Being because having same nature(UN, UDHR). At the same time the human being possesses also intellect, and this increases through The Experience of Life. The intellect in itself it must be trained to try to understand, the reality that it encircles us, through a conscious curiosity(or sensitivity) that doubly is tied with the ability to critical thought in the sense that the curiosity(or sensitivity) stimulates the search of an experience in order to increase the ability to critical thought(Moon,J.A;2007:80). This ability is own to train the intellect through the experience that creates different critical thoughts or better to say unique critical thoughts because every person has its way in order to train own intellect. In this way we can mean the intrinsic dualism that every human being possesses. On one hand we find the concept of biological and behavioural macro-structure likeness(Frenkel E., Poul J., Dycus Miller F.;2001:8). On the other hand we find instead the concept of difference understanding, in the more essential way, as individuals that they possess behavioural and biological micro-structures that vary from human being to human being both at the level of the behaviour being influenced from the cultural environment to where they live(Ben-Perez M;1995:14-15-16). If from a part we find numerous likenesses to biological level or to behavioural level, this has had to a trial of creation of “identity boxes” through races, social structures, uses and customs and numerous others social constructions(Fraser N., Lee Bartky S.;1992:42) that it allows individuals pertaining to the same identity to define their equality and at the same time to define the other like different because does not possess those caracteristics that create a determinate identity(Pfeffer J.;1994:52) inside an “identity box”(as ethnicity, sexuality, gender, role in the family,etc..). From the opposite part, in the real world , we find exactly that this difference exists because created(Pfeffer J.;1994:53) (and not given) from we through the identities that we have created that it allows us in a easy way to watch the world and to define it very often through a created hierarchical pyramid on purpose for every “identity boxes”(Macionis J.J., Plummer K.;2005:206). This besides to define the concept of different allows also to define worse and better one on the base of the power that we have given to these identities inside of every “identity box”creating the identity’s classes inside each “identity box”.

Placing as starting point that the natural and tangible differences of power are also them constructed we will begin to construct this perspective through a trial. Such trial will be the deconstruction through a dynamics of individualization of the created identities like cultural constructions. In this way we will be able to concentrate an individual dynamics defining in the first place the individual not more like pertaining to a identity’s class but pertaining to multiple identities of the Human Being.

At second we take a case that the only natural difference between human beings, if understandings singularly and outside from a social environment, is biological distinguishing itself between female and male, we will go to analyze the concept of gender and as this relate in determined relations and experiences through this perspective and show how also the gender identity is social constructed . It will allow us to change the concept of hierarchical pyramid of identity’s classes in a multidimensional vision that at the same time allows differentiating every human being based on its individual unique multiple identities and not more based on identity’s class of power constructed from the dominant culture in which we grow or in a generalized manner where we live. In the same way we will go to reconstruct an idea of similarity between human beings based on the specific multi-identities of every one of them. In order to conclude this trial we will stop on the social environment that is around us in order to supply some practical that allow reconstructing this following the perspective previously announced.

2. The identification with a identity’s class as a way to understand easily our reality:

The trial of creation of the identities comes from the creation of “identity boxes” where a number n of individuals comes inside inserted in it since the presence in a specific situation in a social environment(Tajfel, H.; Fraser, C.; Jaspar ,J.M.F;1984:547). In this way today has been created “identity Boxes” or variables that define the setting where an individual express her/his own identity (ex, gender, sex, social class, family, work, local community, etc..) .As show the following representation:

This first step, allow us to think that these “identity boxes” are interconnected and interdependent between them. At the same time we can understand that this interdependence it’s not equal because our cultures have emphasize some “identity boxes”(Conlin Casella E., Flower C.;2005:81) (or aspects) giving more power and so more relevance in the definition of the multiple-identities of an individual(Worrel J.;2001:1062). This trial has had an essential implications essentially and it regards the fact that as we have seen that different “identity boxes” have different power and so in a certain culture the community gives different importance to different aspects(“identity box”) of the identities as the graphical representation show us:

This depends from the bases of the cultural environment(Berry J.W;1992:116). Attributing various degrees of power to different “identity boxes” have create a hierarchical organization of the “identity boxes”. This can be explaining through the image that follows that it demonstrates the social classification of the reality.

This is a construction of like from the “identity Box” (the red rectangle) has established a trial of social classification through a hierarchical pyramid of the “Identity Boxes”(or aspects) (blue triangle) .That was the first step in order to understand that the roots of the problem of recognition start from an unequal distribution of power not between the identities but between the category of identities (“identity boxes”).


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Different Eyes watch different realities. A multi-identities approach to the world
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