Traditional Vs System Approach

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Traditional Vs Systems Approach

The Systems Approach

A methodological framework that serves as a guide for solving problems, especially to those that arise in the management or administration of a system, the there is a discrepancy between what you have and what you want, its problems, its components and its solution. The systems approach is the activities that determine an overall objective and rationale for each of the subsystems, performance measures and standards in terms of the overall objective, the complete set of subsystems and their plans for a specific problem (Dostal, Elisabeth, 2005: 2). The process of transforming an input (problem) into a product (planned actions) requires the establishment of a methodology organized into three major subsystems:

- Formulation of the problem
- Identification and design solutions
- Control Results

This indicates that the basic lines of work are:

1. The development of concepts and guidelines to study reality as a system (formulation conceptual model).
2. The development of methodological frameworks to guide the process of solving problems in their different phases.
3. The development of techniques and models to support decision making and to obtain and analyzing the information required.

The systems approach is intended to address the increasingly complex problems that pose technology and modern organizations, problems that by their nature beyond our intuition and what is essential to understand is its structure and process (subsystem, relationships, environmental restrictions, etc.) (Pojasek, 2004, 83–89).

Features of the Systems Approach

- Interdisciplinary
- Qualitative and Quantitative both
- Organized
- Creative
- Theorist
- Empirical
- Pragmatic

The systems approach focuses constantly on his goals total. For this reason it is important to first define the objectives of the system and continually examine and perhaps redefine as the design progresses (Capra, 1996, 30).

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Source: A Systems Approach to Organizational and Societal Change by Dostal, Biomatrix p.2

Utility and Scope of the Systems Approach

It could be applied in the study of organizations, various institutions and organizations pose an Inter, Multi and Trans disciplinary vision that help analyze and develop the company to comprehensively identify and understand the enabling of clarity and depth with the organizational problems, and their multiple causes and consequences. Also, seeing the organization as an integrated entity, made up of parts that are interrelated through a structure that develops in a given environment, it will be able to detect the required amplitude both issues, such as processes of change that is holistic, i.e. human level of resources and processes, would be required to implement the same, to have growth and development in terms of sustainable and in the given time (Skyttner, Lars, 2006).

General Systems Theory

It was developed by Von Bertalanffy Ludwin around the late 1920/1930, and is characterized as a theory of principles applicable to universal systems in general. General Systems Theory does not seek or attempt to troubleshoot practical solutions, but produce theories and conceptual formulations that can create conditions for application in empirical reality. According Bertalanffy main purposes of the General Theory of System are (Churchman, 1968):

- Driving toward integration in education science.
- Development of unifying principles vertically by the universe of individual science.
- Focus on a General Systems Theory.
- General trend in the direction of incorporation in the different sciences, social and natural.
- Important means to learn the accurate theoretical framework in the science’s nonphysical fields.


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