Laser Field Effects on Polaron and Bipolaron in a Monolayer Graphene

Academic Paper, 2019
44 Pages, Grade: 74.0

Abstract or Introduction

The effects of the laser field on the properties of the polaron and bipolaron in graphene have not been indicated. In this essay, the author studys the dynamic of polaron and stability of bipolaron in monolayer graphene under a laser field. The properties of the carriers and the total optical phonon coupling chiral polaron have been studied using the conventional Lee-Low-Pine unitary transformation based on two successive unitary transformations in the graphene system. To achieve the goal, it will be important to first employ the variational method and unitary transformation to obtain ground-state and first excited-state energies. The investigation computes the ground-state energy of the polaron and bipolaron in monolayer graphene. Then, it derives the binding energy of the bipolaron.

A lot of theoretical and experimental physicists are devoting much energy and time to understand how charge particles travel in graphene-based devices. Graphene is a monatomic layer of carbon atoms arranged in a honeycomb lattice with two atoms per unit cell. During the past years, the physical properties of graphene have been considered as an important subject in the field of nanotechnology. There are a large number of works, both experimental and theoretical on graphene. Some of the essential investigations and research have been in the metal-like properties and features of graphene in the presence of the electric field, temperature variation, doping et cetera. This record-breaking research in the electronic, mechanical and optical properties of graphene make it a material of great utility and enormous application. The mobility of charge particles in graphene is very high even at room temperature and it has been experimentally proven that this mobility is nearly independent of temperature. Most of the studies carried out so far were mostly focused on electron transport properties in monolayer graphene. Phonon mode of graphene also plays a key role in charge carrier dynamics. The properties of the electron and the total optical phonon coupling have been studied in the graphene system. This interaction yields a quasi-particle called Polaron. The interaction between two polarons linked to each other yields another quasi-particle called bipolaron.


Laser Field Effects on Polaron and Bipolaron in a Monolayer Graphene
University of Cape Coast  (African Institute for Mathematical Sciences)
Mathematical Sciences
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laser, field, effects, polaron, bipolaron, monolayer, graphene
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Felix Amo-Mensah (Author), 2019, Laser Field Effects on Polaron and Bipolaron in a Monolayer Graphene, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Laser Field Effects on Polaron and Bipolaron in a Monolayer Graphene

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