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Computer Science
NFC based platforms in gaming. Reverse engineering Nintendos "Amiibo"
0,- €

The Stanford Prison Experiment
12,99 €

What is a group and how does a group function? Group dynamics and the model according to Bruce Tuckman and Ruth Cohn
12,99 €

Joseph Anton Steffan. Piano Sonatas Op.3 / II
14,99 €

Museum Studies
Commerce or culture? Why the experience economy can be a curse and a blessing for the contemporary museum
10,99 €

History Europe
Jews in the Ottoman Empire During WWI. How the Germans Saved the Jews
0,- €

A Reflexion of Jennifer Eberhardt's Theories on Effects of Racial Biases in Criminal Justice
2,99 €

Organizational Identification, Job Involvement, Percived Organizational Justice as Predictors of Organizational Citizenship Behavior in the Secretariat of Ethiopia's Parliament
39,99 €

The Stages of Psychosocial Development According to Erik H. Erikson
12,99 €

Latest texts

Ethical discussion on can deposit in order to improve sustainability
14,99 €

Colombian refugees in New Zealand and their resettlement stories
39,99 €

Emission Trading. Purpose, functionality and boundaries
14,99 €

Most read

Learning Theories. Their Influence on Teaching Methods

Effects of instrumental materials on student's academic performance. Social studies in selected secondary schools in Nigeria
12,99 €

Miklowitz, Gloria D. - The War Between the Classes

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