FAQ – Questions and Answers for GRIN authors

Here, you will find answers for the most common questions that come up after publication at GRIN. We will explain, when changes to your publication are possible and, which titles will also appear as a printed book. We also give answers to the most important questions about billing and the payment of the royalty.

As long as your work has not yet been published, you can submit an update or change the details at any time. If the text has already been published, subsequent changes are possible in exceptional cases. Please contact our support (info@grin.com).

Please send an e-mail to our support team (info@grin.com). We will then check the publication status and implement the deletion if possible.

As soon as we publish your text, it will be available as an e-book in PDF format. The print copy follows about 7-14 days later. It may also take a few days for your book to be available in the major online stores. Please be patient.

For technical reasons (e.g. because of their size or formatting), we cannot offer some texts as a print copy. However, please ask our support-team for authors.

The open access publications are available free of charge on our website. Here, readers can easily scroll through the entire text on the product page. Or you can click on the cover on the top left corner (“Read in the eBook”) – then the (citable) PDF version will be displayed. In addition, we offer interested readers the opportunity to download the PDF print version for currently 1.49 euros. If, for personal reasons, you would like the publication to be completely free of charge, please contact us (info@grin.com).

We cannot offer the printed book version at a discounted price due to the production costs. The royalties from these revenues are settled on a quarterly basis.

Depending on the provider, it takes between a few hours and a few weeks for all information about your book and your cover to appear in the product catalogues of the shops. Please understand that we have no influence on this process.

The reading samples for new titles are created automatically. Therefore, it is possible (especially if you have uploaded a PDF file) that they do not look like the original document. The reading samples are re-created after some time, in regular intervals. Please be patient.

You can click on the cover at the top left (“Read in the eBook”) to see what your e-book actually looks like.

We will be happy to send you a PDF copy via e-mail after the publication. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you a free print copy due to production costs. However, you can order discounted copies of your books as soon as they are available in print. In order to do this, please go to to the author’s area of your account. Order my books . That is also where you can see how much discount you get. The more books you order at once, the cheaper the single copy will be. Please do not send us e-mails with book orders, we cannot process them.

You can report dissertations and postgraduate textbooks as a printed book to the VG Wort. This entitles you to a one-time payout. For example, for a book published in 2013, it amounted to 800 euros. More information: www.vgwort.de

Questions on royalty and billing

If you did not save your contract when uploading your work, you can download it here afterwards. If you are not sure, when you accepted the contract, please contact our support-team (info@grin.com).

Your royalty is paid out quarterly. You will receive the bill via e-mail, approximately one to two months after the end of the quarter, where all your sales are listed in detail. Texts are billed from the quarter in which they were published. This also applies to one-time royalties and partner commissions.

For example, if you uploaded a text on March 27, 2013, you selected the guaranteed one-time royalty and the text was published on 07.04. you will receive the one-time royalty with the payment for the second quarter. The payment for the second quarter takes place in the middle of the third quarter, which, in our example, would be in August.

Within the SEPA countries (e.g. all EU countries), we transfer your royalty via a SEPA transfer for free. Please enter your bank details in the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT format in the login area. Authors from non-European countries receive their royalty via PayPal. We currently do not offer any other payment options.

Exception: Authors with a bank account in the USA can also receive their royalty via a bank transfer. A transfer is only possible with a minimum amount of 50 EUR.

E-book royalties are paid out from the first sale. In accordance with the contract and to cover our initial production costs in advance, we retain a one-time payment of 50 Euros for book fees (in the case of older contracts, different regulations may apply). Once your royalty has exceeded this amount, all additional royalties for book sales will be paid out.

On our overview page you can download all contracts afterwards. That is where you can also read, which regulations apply to your texts.

Since your texts are also sold in countries with different tax models, you may receive different royalties on a text. The complete royalty table can be found here.

In your account you will find a preliminary overview of your sales. You receive the final overview of actual sales quarterly, with the billing email. Deviations may arise here, if customers cancel your purchase, or we have not received the payment for it.

Under Sales and Fees, you can view the royalties that have not yet been settled. Please note that sales and cancellations are not constantly updated and are, therefore, not displayed on a daily basis. Once the pending royalties have been settled, they will no longer be displayed. Of course, these royalties are not deleted. The full royalty overview will be sent to you later via e-mail.

If you have registered a business in Germany and you are liable to sales tax, you can apply for a quarterly VAT-statement. Please send us proof (e.g. any letter from your tax office indicating your liability to sale taxes) by post, fax or scan via e-mail and tell us your VAT ID. As soon as we have proof, your royalty will be calculared, including the VAT, and paid out. All transactions are taken into account from when we receive the proof.

For bookkeeping reasons, it is not possible for us to change former quarterly statements afterwards. However, you can charge us for lost sales taxes. For further information, please contact our support-team via info@grin.com.

This tax is only levied on authors who have no domicile or habitual residence in Germany and are therefore not subject to unlimited tax liability.

According to German law, and in accordance with Section 50a estG, Grin Publishing GmbH is obliged to keep the withholding tax of 15%, together with the solidarity surcharge (5.5% of withholding tax) of authors with a limited tax liability in Germany, and to pay it to the tax authorities. Please check possible reimbursement claims towards the German tax authorities with your tax advisor.

Please check your author’s account to see if your email address and bank details are still up-to-date. If you have any problems, please contact us via info@grin.com. The quarter may not be over and the preparation of your invoice may not be completed yet.

If you have not received a bill, your balance will not expire. Once all information has been corrected, it will be paid out automatically with the next settlement. Royalties, which are up to three years old, which could not be paid out, due to incorrect bank details, are automatically transferred with the next payment run, after a current bank account has been added. However, these royalties do not reappear in the billing email, as they have already been included in the previous quarterly statements.

The commission is only added in the quarter, in which the first work of the recruited author was published. You will only receive the commission, if the customer registers via the partner link. Unfortunately, we cannot take it into account afterwards.

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