How do I buy an e-book?

Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about e-book. We will explain the difference between pdf, EPUB and MOBI file formats, how you download and read our e-books, the benefits of an e-book.

How it works: Buy e-books at GRIN

  1. Put e-book in the
    shopping cart
  2. Choose your
    your payment method
  3. Check your order
  4. Download your
  5. Read the e-book

Select an e-book and place it in your shopping cart

Select to the desired e-book. For the product type, select "eBook" and then click on the orange button "Add to cart". After that, the shopping cart will be opened for you. Here, you can check your purchase. If the shopping cart meets your wishes, click on the green button "Go to checkout".

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Choose a payment method and indicate a billing address

Select the payment method you want. Payment methods are available and PayPal.

In this step, you can also click "Add billing address" to, optionally, indicate a billing address.

Check your order

Afterwards, you will have the opportunity to check your order again. By clicking the green button "Buy now", you complete the purchase.

Download the e-book

When the payment is completed, you will be redirected to a page automatically, where you can download the e-book. Once you have placed the check mark, you can start the download by clicking on the green button.

In addition, you will receive a download link, which is active for 72 hours, via e-mail.

Read the e-book

After downloading the e-book, you can open it and read it. You no longer need to be connected to the Internet to do this.

By default, you can find the downloaded e-book your Downloads on your computer.

An e-book is the digital version of a printed book. You will receive a file you can download to your computer. Compared to the printed book, the e-book has the following advantages:

  • No waiting: The e-book is available right away. After a few minutes, you can download the e-book and read it on your computer.
  • Cheaper than printed version: The e-book edition is usually the cheapest version of the text.

A PDF is a static e-book format with fixed pages (citable) and a layout that can be opened on PCs, tablets, smartphones and most e-readers.

The text of an EPUB is dynamically adapted to the e-reader when you change the font size or the font, for example. EPUBs can be opened by all available e-readers (except for readers of the Amazon Kindle family), e.g. Tolino, Kobo, Sony Reader. The format is also particularly suitable for smaller devices, such as, for example, smartphones.

The MOBIformat is a special e-book format for Amazon Kindle devices. Like the EPUB, it dynamically adapts to the reader.

There are also many softwares that allow you to read EPUB and MOBI files on your PC or tablet (e..B. Adobe Digital Edition, Kindle app).

No, being connected to the internet is only necessary to purchase and download the e-book.

The e-books are not available permanently in the cloud or for streaming. Please save your purchased e-book files to your hard drive.

No. All GRIN e-books are also available as PDF files. You don’t need an e-reader for this – a PC, notebook, smartphone or a tablet is enough. You can open PDF files on most devices without installing an additional software.

You can download the e-book to your computer immediately after the purchase.

You can pay directly and without signing up by credit card. You can also pay with PayPal, our payment partner.

PayPal is the world’s largest online payment provider and is also used on Ebay, for example. PayPal offers you a secure and easy payment method via direct debit, credit card or balance.

For internal reasons, a payment by invoice cannot be offered. In our online shop, however, you have many safe and quick payment options: paying with credit card or PayPal is possible.

Alternatively, you can order our e-books from your local book store or online.

Despite careful checks by our editorial staff, it is possible for parts of the e-bookto be missing (e.g. attachments, interviews, illustrations). If there is not an explicit comment in the free preview of the work or in the product information that these parts are not included in the scope of delivery already, we will immediately write the author and ask to send it once again. You will, then, receive the full version as soon as possible.

If it is not possible to deliver it at a later date, we will, of course, cancel your order completely. Just send us the confirmation of your purches via e-mail to and indicate the reason for your complaint.

After you purchase it, you will automatically receive an email with a download link for your order, which is valid for 72 hours. If you have not received an e-mail (please check the junk) or have failed to download it in time, please write an e-mail with your invoice number to We will then send you the file via e-mail.

You can download the e-book as a PDF file. Most computers, tablets, or smartphones can open PDF files and you do not need to install an additional software.

Please save your purchased e-book files on your hard drive. The e-books are not available in the cloud permanently or via streaming.

Free texts can be read completely on our websites. Simply scroll down the product page. You can also click on the cover at the top left (“Read in the eBook”) – then you will see the (citable) PDF version. In addition, we offer readers, who are interested in downloading the PDF-file, the possibility to do so, for 0.99 EUR.

Due to high production costs, we cannot offer the book version at a discount.

Yes, you can also cancel the purchase of digital content within the legal period of 14 days. However, this right of withdrawal expires as soon as you download the file(s).

Here you will find our complete cancellation policy.

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