How do I become an author at GRIN?

Here, you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about the publication. We will explain how to upload your texts to our site and, what happens to your upload afterwards. Information about the requirements, which your text must meet for publication and, which texts we do not publish can be found here, as well as general legal advice on publishing academic papers.

How it works: Upload a text and publish your own book

  1. Sign up and
    upload your text
  2. Select a
    royalty option
  3. We create
    your e-book and
    book for free
  4. Distribution
  5. Your royalty
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Sign up and upload your file

Click "Register" and sign up to GRIN. Afterwards, you can add your work directly to your account. In order to do that, simply click "select file" and upload your Word or PDF file.

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Select a royalty option

At GRIN, you can, either, profit from every sold unit, receive a guaranteed one-time royalty, or offer your work for free. Select one of the options - we take care of the rest.

Wir erstellen Ihr E-Book und Buch

We create your e-book and book

Our editorial team creates a complete e-book and a book from the file you uploaded with their own ISBN. Your publication receives its own cover and we publish your text in our online shop.

Weltweiter Vertrieb

Worldwide distribution

Not only do we publish your work in our own shop - there is also a world wide network of distributors with over 300 online shops. Your book is also available in your local book store.

Hohes Autorenhonorar erhalten

Receive a high author's royalty

Lean back and make money: If you choose one of our royalty options, you profit from every sold unit. GRIN pays a high author's royalty of up to 25%.

The GRIN quality guidelines

All academic work, regardless of age and subject area, such as, for example,

  • Assignments, seminar papers, term papers
  • Bachelor’s thesis, master’s thesis and diploma thesis
  • Dissertations / doctoral dissertations
  • Essays, presentations and analysis
  • Lesson plans and course material for students
  • Specialist books, scientific papers
  • Lecture scripts by lecturers

What we do not publish:

  • Short texts which are not of scientific nature
  • Solutions of legal cases
  • Powerpoint presentations
  • Poems / Poetry
  • Fiction (novels), children’s books

Please consider following guidelines with regard to content:

  • The academic work should at least have received a C
  • The text should be spell-checked and grammatically correct
  • All sources and images must be cited correctly
  • If your work contains interviews, your interviewees should agree with a publication
  • If your work contains a company’s internal matters, the company must agree with a publication
  • Your work must not contain sensitive information, especially in regard to lesson plans or internship reports. You can make names anonymous.

Please edit and prepare your texts for a publication.

  • We can only publish complete texts. Please send in your work including a cover, table of contents, main text (incl. images) and possible appendices.
  • The margins should be the same on the left and the right side and at least be 1,5 cm. Please center the page numbers.

Upload your original file in Microsoft Word / LibreOffice / RTF format. We also accept PDF files, but they may not be convertible for all distribution channels (e.B.g. Kindle, iBookstore).

Frequently asked questions about a publication at GRIN

To upload your work, open our upload page. Click on the green “Select file” box and simply upload the desired document. Alternatively, you can drag the file into the box with the mouse.

After that, you will be prompted to choose a contract option. At this point you can download and save the contract. Select one of the publishing options, read the contract, and click Accept Contract. For more information on the options, clickhere .

You can then provide further information on the text: titles and subtitles, year of submission, grade and university. Please note special requests and hints in the field “Notes” (e.B. sales price, pseudonymous/anonymous publication or names of co-authors). Please select a category (e.B. coursework) as well as the department and save the changes. As long as your work is not yet published, you can still change the information. Please fill out the form completely; any information will help interested readers to find your work more easily.

If necessary, you can find out about our premium services, with which you can upgrade your work with a professional cover, for example.

Finally, you’ll see an overview of all your uploaded titles. After uploading the file, you will receive an automatic confirmation of receipt via email.

Your text will be edited by our editorial team first. In doing so, we particularly make sure that the work is complete and meets scientific requirements. We will contact you if we have any questions.

Once your e-book is published, you will receive an e-mail with the link to our webshop. We will notify you separately about the printed book’s publication.

The process usually takes between 2 and 4 weeks.

The price is based on various factors (e.B. scope, subject area, topicality). The book price is usually higher than the e-book price, as higher production costs occurr.

Do you already have an idea for the price of your thesis or textbook? Let us know ( We will check your price request and will gladly accept it.

Detailed information can be downloaded here. We’ve also collected helpful tips on how to use Microsoft Word easily on our website.

GRIN publishes only complete scientific texts. This includes a table of contents, an introduction, a main body, a conclusion and a complete bibliography. In our service area we have summarized tips for the creation of scientific texts.

Please wait for the grade, so it can be published. The publication of a scientific paper that still has not received a grade by the university often violates the examination regulations.

Before publication, we provide all papers with our standard professional cover. If you want an individual cover, you have various options within the scope of our Premium Services.

More questions about publishing academic works

Yes, you are allowed. This applies if you are studying at a public university and neither the university nor your supervisor specifically claimed the rights of use for your texts. As long as the paper has not been graded yet, however, the work is subject to the exam regulations and may only be published afterwards.

This may be regulated differently at private universities, or in dual courses, or for texts in cooperation with companies. Please check your study or training contract – or ask your university or company directly.

  1. If the university or thesupervisor hasbeen grantedexploitation rights and rights of use.
  2. Ifthe text has not yet been evaluated. Until the official evaluation, the work is subject to the right of examination.
  3. At private universities, in the caseof dualcourses of study or cooperation with companies, a publication must be clarified in advance. Please check your study or training contract – or inquire directly with your university or company.

Yes, it is possible. Please set this immediately when uploading your work in the data of the book. Alternatively, you can leave us a note in the “Notes” field or send us an e-mail ( Instead of your name, “Anonymous” or your Pseudonym appears on the covers of the print edition and the e-book.

If you would like to publish under a pseudonym, please register with GRIN with your clear name for legal reasons. For the choice of your pseudonym, please observe the following rules:

  • No nicknames like “Nick91”
  • no famous personalities or similar-sounding names

Please let us know your request for anonymising your name before publication. Anonymising your name on previously published e-books or books is not possible.

Yes. Please let us know the names of the co-author/co-author when uploading the text (in the “Notes” field) or send us an e-mail.

Please make sure that you have the consent of your co-authors to publish it.

Do you have any questions or
do you need help?

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Simply give us a call or write to us:

We are happy to assist you personally.

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