Questions about the author’s contract

Here, you will find answers to questions about your author contract. We explain to you the terms of the contract and which formats we publish your texts in. We also address the most important questions about our royalty options and the payment of your royalty.

How it works: Upload a text and publish your own book

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  4. Distribution
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Sign up and upload your file

Click "Register" and sign up to GRIN. Afterwards, you can add your work directly to your account. In order to do that, simply click "select file" and upload your Word or PDF file.

Honoraroption wählen

Select a royalty option

At GRIN, you can, either, profit from every sold unit, receive a guaranteed one-time royalty, or offer your work for free. Select one of the options - we take care of the rest.

Wir erstellen Ihr E-Book und Buch

We create your e-book and book

Our editorial team creates a complete e-book and a book from the file you uploaded with their own ISBN. Your publication receives its own cover and we publish your text in our online shop.

Weltweiter Vertrieb

Worldwide distribution

Not only do we publish your work in our own shop - there is also a world wide network of distributors with over 300 online shops. Your book is also available in your local book store.

Hohes Autorenhonorar erhalten

Receive a high author's royalty

Lean back and make money: If you choose one of our royalty options, you profit from every sold unit. GRIN pays a high author's royalty of up to 25%.

At Grin, you can publish your texts for free.

GRIN only publishes texts that have been uploaded by the author or originator himself. A prerequisite for a publication at GRIN is that the author or originator himself accepts our author contract. It is solely the author who can transfer the rights of use that GRIN requires for a proper publication.

Therefore, please do not upload texts for your pupils/students, relatives, friends or acquaintances. We are always happy to receive new texts, but we would like to ask that the authors submit them themselves.

By accepting the publishing contract for an e-book and a print publication, you grant us the exclusive right of use, which is unlimited in terms of time, space and content, for the duration of the contract. We may edit your text (correction, proofreading), market it, publish it in a modified form (e.g. as part of an anthology or as an app) and translate it into other languages. Of course, you will be informed about any type of publication and you will receive an appropriate royalty, if you have chosen the marketing option with royalty on the sales.

Copyright cannot be transferred, under German law, and remains with you in any case.

Your text will be available on GRIN websites but also in many other shops and bookstores worldwide. We are constantly expanding our sales network, so that you can reach as many readers as possible with your works.

We publish your text as an e-book and as a printed book.

An e-book is your text in digital form, which we first offer as a PDF. Texts with a particularly strong demand will later be offered in the e-reader formats EPUB and MOBI (Amazon Kindle). If you want to offer your texts in the Kindle Store and other e-book marketplaces right from the start, you can book that for a small fee. More information can be found here.

“Book” refers to a printed book. Our print books in the DIN A5 format have a cardboard cover (similar to paperbacks) and are usually printed in black and white. However, we also offer the books in DIN A4, as well as printing individual coloured pages, if it is necessary for the comprehension of your text.

With the combined publication of the e-book and print book, we take full advantage of both types of media and distribute your text in hundreds of online shops and bookstores worldwide.

By default, all texts are published as an e-book (PDF) and, additionally, as a printed book. As a result, your sales opportunities are increasing immensely, as the market for digital book editions is constantly growing. Also, consider the different types of buyers: some readers prefer the digital version, others prefer to bury themselves in printed books.

If you did not save your contract when uploading your work, you can download it here afterwards. Alternatively, you can find your contract in your account with the respective text under “My texts”. If you are not sure, when you accepted the contract, please contact our support-team (

Alongside your publication at GRIN, you can always distribute your texts on library or university servers, as an open access publication. Your texts can also be published in extracts in specialist journals. We would be pleased, if you notified us of such a publication.

On the other hand, you cannot publish your text with another publisher at the same time.

Questions on royalty and billing

You can choose between our three royalty options for publication at GRIN:

1. Publication with a royalty share on sales: You make a profit from each sale and receive a percentage of the royalty every quarter. Our royalty table can be found here.

2. Guaranteed one-time royalty: As soon as we have published your text, you will receive a one-time royalty of 10 euros. You will receive them with the royalty payment. With the one-time royalty, you avoid the risk of your text not being sold. You are guaranteed to earn 10 euros with your work.

3. Open Access Publication: Use this option to make your text available to everbody for free. Potential readers can read the text online, for free. In addition, we publish your text as a printed book and you will receive a share of the book sales. With this option, the book is priced normally, as there are production costs for the GRIN. The royalty table for book sales can be found here.

Your royalty is paid out quarterly. You will receive the bill via e-mail, approximately one to two months after the end of the quarter, where all your sales are listed in detail. Texts are billed from the quarter in which they were published. This also applies to one-time royalties and partner commissions.

For example, if you uploaded a text on March 27, 2013, you selected the guaranteed one-time royalty and the text was published on 07.04. you will receive the one-time royalty with the payment for the second quarter. The payment for the second quarter takes place in the middle of the third quarter, which, in our example, would be in August.

Within the SEPA countries (e.g. all EU countries), we transfer your royalty via a SEPA transfer for free. Please enter your bank details in the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT format in the login area. Authors from non-European countries receive their royalty via PayPal. We do not currently offer any other withdrawal options.

Exception: Authors with a bank account in the USA can also receive their royalty via a bank transfer. A transfer is only possible with a minimum amount of 50 EUR.

E-book royalties are paid out from the first sale. In accordance with the contract and in order to cover our initial production costs, we retain a one-time payment of EUR 50 of the royalty (other regulations may apply to older contracts). Once your royalty has exceeded this amount, all additional royalties for book sales will be paid out.

On our overview page you can download all contracts afterwards. Here, you can read, which regulations apply to your texts.

Since your texts are also sold in countries with different tax models, you may receive different royalties on a text. The complete royalty table can be found here.

In your account you will find a preliminary overview of your sales. You receive the final overview of actual sales quarterly, with the billing email. Deviations may arise here, if customers cancel your purchase, or we have not received the payment for it.

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