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How to become an author

With GRIN you can publish your term paper, bachelor thesis, master thesis, dissertation, lecture notes, exam preparations and other academic works.

Publishing your papers online and as books is completely free.

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Your benefits

  • Earn royalties through the sales of your papers. Your royalties are transferred to your bank account each quarter
  • Free book publication with ISBN number: a textbook publication can cost more than $1000 with classic publishers
  • Area wide distribution via online shops like Amazon, iBook Store and Google Play and thousands of stationary book stores
  • Distribution through our market leading website with millions of users every month
  • Choose between a professional author profile or an anonymous or pseudonymous publication
  • With your publication with GRIN, you become an author. You can list your publications in your CV

GRIN has been my publisher for a long time. Good works get published easily and free. That’s why I am a fan.
A. Di Bella

Three options – Just beneficial


Choose your option:

  • Earn author royalties with your sales
  • Guaranteed one-time payment
  • Open Access publication

1. Earn author royalties through your sales

With our first option you earn through the sales of your texts. Each quarter, we pay you high percental author royalties:

  • eBook: up to 35% of the publisher’s margin
  • Book: up to 20% of the publisher’s margin

Detailed royalty table

You receive your money from the first sale of your eBook. On the author’s site you’ll find all your new sales. Your royalties are transferred to your bank account each quarter.

2. Guaranteed one-time payment

Prefer a guaranteed royalty? Then choose our one-time payment.

As soon as we have published your paper we will pay you a one-time royalty of $10. We take the risk that your work isn’t sold. Your $10 will be transferred to your bank account with our royalty statement.

3. Open Access publication (free for readers)

If you want to let other users profit from your knowledge for free, you may publish in our free area. Everyone has open access to this section and can read and print out your papers for free. As an additional option, you can publish the same work as a book and get 15% royalties of the book sales transferred to your bank account each quarter. Books have to be priced as usual, even with this option, because there are costs arising for the production process.

I got $100 this quarter – great!
R. Rupp

Thanks to GRIN for making it possible to publish my papers! You are the best, keep it up!!“
H. Wagner

Your book will look like this: Cover Book

Your papers - worldwide


Your term paper, bachelor or master thesis is distributed world wide through our sales network.

The channels

Your publications are available:

  • through our market leading website with up to 4 million users per month
  • in hundreds of online shops worldwide like Google Play, Apple iBookstore,, Amazon and Amazon Kindle (if eBook conversion is possible)
  • on the websites of renowned cooperation partners
  • in our newsletter with over 350,000 subscribers
  • in all big search engines
  • in Google Scholar (only theses and textbooks)
  • in over 6,000 stationary book stores
  • in Google Books

“GRIN Publishing gives unknown authors a chance – that’s great!”
M. Kalz



Royalties are paid for each sale based on the following table. If you have accepted the contract before August 24th 2020 (23:15), please follow this link to view your royalties table.

 of publisher’s margin 
eBook sales and company websites30% 
iBook Store15% 
Google Play15% 
Ciando, Pubbles, Libri15% 
Other distributors15% 
Royalty bonus for partner links*+5% 
Book sales  
Via Books on Demand / wholesaler15% 
Direct sale via GRIN websites15% 
Royalty bonus for partner links*+5% 
 of publisher’s margin
eBook sales and company websites30%
Amazon Kindle15%
iBook Store15%
Google Play15%
Ciando, Pubbles, Libri15%
Other distributors15%
Royalty bonus for partner links*+5%
Book sales
Via Books on Demand / wholesaler15%
Direct sale via GRIN websites15%
Royalty bonus for partner links*+5%

The publisher’s margin is the net retail price minus trade discounts, production and shipping costs.

The retail price can be set by each shop unless there is a law for fixed book prices, in which case the price set by the publisher has to be used.

If the author chooses the one-time payment, the percentaged participation on the sales does not apply. In this case, the author receives a one-time payment of 10 € (respectively 10 GBP, 10 CHF or 10 USD, according to the country).

For sales in the context of a granting of a license to other publishers in the publishing group, the author receives a ten percent royalty of the publisher’s margin. These royalties are paid yearly due to accounting processes of other publishers.

Yearly royalty payments also apply for subscription models and various rent and download models e.g. of libraries.

* If you link to your texts with a partner code link, you can earn an extra 5% on every sale which is generated with this link. More info on our affiliate program: click here.

Great, the authors […] benefit! And moreover it’s so simple 🙂
S. Sterneberg

Premium Services

Premium Services

We offer professional, additional services that help make your publication more attractive, increase your readership and thus increase your sales.

  • Individual Cover – for an eye-catching first impression
  • Premium conversion into the eBook formats EPUB and MOBI – guaranteed publication on Kindle and Co.
  • Individual marketing packages – for even more sales

Interested? Click here for more information or contact us at or +49 89 550559-0. We will be happy to assist you.

„The GRIN Premium Services are a great thing: at fair prices, I was able to refine some of my books and e-books with a nice colored cover.“
E. Probst

Types of papers and formats

This is what we publish

We publish all academic content like

  • term papers
  • theses
  • bachelor theses and master theses
  • dissertations
  • essays and interpretations
  • lesson plans
  • textbooks
  • lecture notes and exam preparations

And my thesis was published as a book, I think that’s cool and professional.“
M. Wimmer

File formats

Please upload your original Microsoft Word/RTF/Libre/OpenOffice file. We also accept PDF files but these may not be convertible into all formats (EPUB for iBookstore, MOBI for Kindle).

Please note

For print publication the margin on the left and right side should be exactly the same (at least 1.5 cm). Please center your page numbers if possible.

Find our complete quality guidelines here.


When you accept our contract, you declare that you have the exclusive copyright and right of use for the files you submitted. That means, you created the work on your own and did not use any unnamed sources. It also includes not having given the exclusive rights of publication to another company.

Please only upload your term papers and theses once they have been officially graded. Of course, this does not apply to scientific essays or specialized books that are not subject to academic evaluation. In order to avoid legal problems, please make sure you have correctly cited all copyright protected sources, including both direct and indirect quotations, pictures and charts. If a picture serves nothing but decorative purposes, for example on the title page, we have to ask you to remove it. Also keep in mind that simply naming the works cited in a bibliography at the end of the paper is not sufficient.

If your paper contains internal information on a specific company, please ask for a written declaration of agreement before submitting the manuscript. Alternatively, you can choose to remove or anonymize the information in question.

If your work contains interviews, please either ask your interviewees for whether they agree to the publication or remove the interviews from your manuscript.

For the publication of lesson plans or internship reports, you have to remove all details regarding the name and place of the scholarly institution as well as all names of teachers and students mentioned in the text.

Important: Prospective teachers who, during their training, compose internal reports and lesson plans, may not be allowed to publish these. This may differ due to your country and region, so it is recommended to check with your supervisor or the respective education authority first.

If you have questions, please contact our support team at