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At GRIN you find scientific information on every subject – with over 200,000 publications we offer one of the largest academic databases. GRIN cooperates with many universities, professors and renowned media like SPIEGEL ONLINE to constantly expand its database of knowledge.

Many of our publications are free and a large part can be found exclusively here – the GRIN catalogue grows day by day.

GRIN offers you the possibility to publish your academic or scientific work online and as a book for free. Valuable knowledge and millions of scholarly papers shouldn’t collect dust in the drawers of the authors.


We make sure that your texts are accessible for everyone worldwide – and you can earn through the sales of your texts. That there is a demand is proven by our user statistics. Over four million users a month visit our publishing websites. On top, your eBooks and books will be found in thousands of book stores and online shops like Amazon.

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GRIN-eBooks are PDF-fileswithout copy protection and can be printed as often as you want.

Furthermore, we provide for almost 50 % of our publications the eReader formats EPUB and MOBI – of course without copy protection (DRM). After downloading those eBooks you can easily transfer them to your eReader (for example Kindle, Kobo, Sony).

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You can download any eBook in a period of 72 hours as often as you like in all available formats. If you have any problems, please contact our customer support ( We will send you your eBook via e-mail, even after the period of 72 hours has expired.

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Many of our publications can be ordered as a printed book or brochure. Shipping may take 5 to 20 working days, depending on where you live. Please fill in your shipping address when ordering print versions.

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eBooks can be downloaded instantly, books and brochures may have a delivery time between 5 and 20 working days, depending on where you live.

Deliveries outside the European Union

For deliveries outside the European Union, additional taxes and customs fees will be charged. You can find further informations regarding taxes at the European Taxation and Customs Union and use the TARIC Consultation. If you have further questions, please refer to these websites or ask your local authorities.

Please refer to our terms of service.

For eBooks and printed books, the same copyright is effective. Both can be acquired only for private or other single person use. Copies, reproduction or distribution is only permitted with explicit permission of the author or the publisher. The user is responsible for observing these law prescriptions and is liable for abuse.

If you cite a text literally, the author has to be mentioned – omitting this is a copyright infringement. Whole eBooks must not be put on other websites for download.

It is prohibited to publish GRIN documents elsewhere (e.g. websites, databases, etc.). Please use the embed-code of a document to show the flash version of GRIN documents on a blog or website.

Copyright and Plagiarism

Copyright / Notice and take down:

We are sorry we cannot check each text for copyright infringement due to the high degree of automation of our publication process. Therefore we offer a notice and take down process. If you notice a copyright infringement, please tell our support at We will immediately take down the queried text and check its legitimacy in corporation with the author.


Many professors and college teachers publish their texts with GRIN, besides we cooperate with colleges like HdM StuttgartUniversity of Mainz and University of Bremen. Renowned media publishers report regularly and positively about our services. Nevertheless we are often confronted with the subject “plagiarism”.

We don’t support cheating and plagiarism. We offer an archive full of valuable scientific information.
Professors and teachers may use our websites as control media of plagiarism. If there is a suspicion of plagiarism from one of our eBooks, just contact us. We help you to find out if your student has plagiarised.

A closer cooperation between teachers and students through mentoring already in the early stages of writing can help to avoid cheating. In this way the level of knowledge and progress of the student can be tested. Furthermore, teachers should ask their students to use the latest literature and define the subject in detail to prevent plagiarism.

GRIN promotes science

By publishing texts in our archive, science itself is brought forward. It cannot be the goal of college education to let students analyse the same subjects over and over again. Basic matters can be checked with written examinations.

Important notice to all users of our service: copying works from others is a copyright infringement!


Here you find our currently recommended eBooks. The papers are sorted by publication date. Since all of our subject categories are represented, including their subject categories, we invite you to browse to your heart’s content. You can read numerous free papers as PDFs. Are you interested in business management, politics or education? We have a particularly large number of books on these subject areas. Under the title of the thesis you can see whether it is a term paper or a thesis. Maybe there is even an essay or a specialist book?

The list is updated daily so that you can always find new titles here. A look into foreign subjects can be worthwhile: Our authors often upload interdisciplinary studies. Our editorial team has recently completely revised the subject selection, so that the assignment of the titles is now even clearer. In the case of foreign language titles, the subject category is named in the respective language.

Save our recommendations as a bookmark to stay up to date. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter on Have fun browsing!