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Series with your logo

Simply create a series at GRIN and add the papers you want to publish. Other authors who want to publish in the series can join and add their papers.

Series publications are suitable for:

  • University courses
  • Professorships or chairs
  • Personal publications on a subject
  • Speech series
  • Presentation series of companies
  • Guidebooks

We have already implemented many successful projects, such as with HdM Stuttgart, Universität Mainz, Universität Bremen and

Our publication service is unique and free – and you earn up to 45% royalties on the sales. If you have questions please contact our customer support at or call us at +49 89 550 559-0.

University publishing services

GRIN is specialized in university documents. Publish all university content on the eBook and book market worldwide. This service is completely free of cost for universities.

Optionally you can offer the eBook-versions of your papers to users for free (open access publication).

Available worldwide

GRIN brings your documents to thousands of online shops and book stores. This way we make sure that your publications are found by everyone – we add new distribution channels day by day.

Service for publishers

Publishers who publish printed books but do not yet create and distribute eBooks can use our specialized services to monetize their publications electronically:

  • We publish your papers on the eBook market, in the most important shops and on eBook reader devices.
  • You receive high provisions on every sale.
  • If you wish we provide a special online shop for your website, based on the sophisticated GRIN technology.

If you have questions please contact our customer support at or +49 (0)89 550 559-0.