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Winners of our birthday competition

In 2016 GRIN Publishing celebrated its 18th birthday – and you had the chance to receive lots of great presents!

We received many entries – awesome pictures, funny poems and even creative videos! The task was: creating a work of art based on the GRIN logo.

These are the happy winners chosen by our editors:

  • 1st place: an Amazon voucher worth $250 goes to Aron Kraft,
  • 2nd place: an Amazon voucher worth $200 goes to Bel Aguas,
  • 3rd place: two individually designed GRIN Premium Covers, each worth $149 go to Rachel Eames and Max Osswald.


Beitrag von Aron Kraft
Beitrag von Bel Aguas
Beitrag von Rachel Eames
Beitrag von Max Osswald