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Questions by authors

Publishing process

You can submit all kinds of academic writing, regardless of its field and date of creation, for example:
  • Assignments and term papers
  • Bachelor, Master and Diploma Theses
  • Dissertations / PhD Theses
  • Scientific articles
  • Essays, presentations and analyses
  • Lesson Plans
  • Textbooks / Specialized books
  • Lecture notes and exam preparations
Find more details here. We do not publish
  • Poetry / verse
  • Fiction (novels), children’s books

In order to upload your work, please click the following link: /upload-fr. Next, go to Choose original file and upload your document. Alternatively, you can also move the file to the green box using drag and drop.

You will now be asked to choose a contract option. The contract can be downloaded and saved to your hard drive. Choose one of the publishing options and make sure you have read and understood the contract before clicking on Accept contract. You can find further information regarding the choice of contract by clicking here.

Once you have accepted the contract, you will be asked to insert Further information regarding your paper such as the title, subtitle, year of submission, grade, and academic institution. If you have any special requests or comments (e.g. regarding the retail price, an anonymous publication or a publication using a pseudonym, names of coauthors,…), feel free to use the « Notes » box to let us know. Please make sure you have specified both the category of your text (e.g. Term Paper) and the subject before saving your changes. As long as your paper has not yet been published, you will still be able to edit this information. Please try to fill in the form as complete as possible since every piece of information will help potential customers to find your paper more easily.

You can then gain a non-committal insight into our Premium Services which allow you to, for example, beautify your book using a professional cover.

Finally, you will find a list of all texts you have uploaded so far. Once the upload has been completed, you will be notified via e-mail.

Our editing staff will examine your submission, paying attention to whether it is complete and meets scientific standards. If we have any further questions, we will contact you at this point.

As soon as your eBook has been published, you will receive an e-mail with the link to your publication. We will also send you a separate notification once your book is available as a printed version.

The average processing time of a submission is usually between one and ten business days.

Yes, that is possible. Please let us know by using the « Notes » box during the uploading process or by sending an e-mail to Instead of your name, the term « Anonymous » or your pseudonym will appear on the publication’s cover.

If you choose to publish under a pseudonym, please keep in mind that we will not allow you to use:

  • Nicknames like « Nick91 »
  • The name of or similar to the name of a famous person

For legal reasons, you still need to use your actual name when signing up with GRIN.

In case you wish to anonymize your work after publication has been completed, please send an e-mail to

Yes, you can. Please enter the name(s) of your co-author(s) in the « Notes » box when uploading your paper or let us know via email. We ask that you make sure whether your coauthor has agreed to the publication.

The price setting depends on several different factors such as the length of your text, the field and the topicality. Our editing team will determine the retail price based on experience. The book will usually be more expensive than the eBook since the production costs are higher.

For your final thesis or your specialized book, do you already have a price in mind? Please let us know; we are happy to check and, if possible, adopt your suggestion.

Publication in general

When you accept our contract, you declare that you have the exclusive copyright and right of use for the files you submitted. That means, you created the work on your own and did not use any unnamed sources. It also includes not having given the exclusive rights of publication to another company.

Please only upload your term papers and theses once they have been officially graded. Of course, this does not apply to scientific essays or specialized books that are not subject to academic evaluation. In order to avoid legal problems, please make sure you have correctly cited all copyright protected sources, including both direct and indirect quotations, pictures and charts. If a picture serves nothing but decorative purposes, for example on the title page, we have to ask you to remove it. Also keep in mind that simply naming the works cited in a bibliography at the end of the paper is not sufficient.

If your paper contains internal information on a specific company, please ask for a written declaration of agreement before submitting the manuscript. Alternatively, you can also choose to remove or anonymize the information in question.

If your work contains interviews, please either ask your interviewees for whether they agree to the publication or remove the interviews from your manuscript.

For the publication of lesson plans or internship reports, you have to remove all details regarding the name and place of the scholarly institution as well as all names of teachers and students mentioned in the text.

Important: Prospective teachers who, during their training, compose internal reports and lesson plans, may not be allowed to publish these. This may differ due to your region, so it is recommended to check with your supervisor or the respective education authority first.

Please upload your document as a Microsoft Word / Libre Office / RTF file. While we also accept PDF files, these may be impossible to convert for some of our marketing channels (e.g. Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks). Ideally, the margins in your document should be set to not less than 1.5 cm and be equal on either side. If possible, please center the page numbers. You can download more detailed information here or see our Quality Guidelines.

As long as your manuscript has not yet been published, you can still send us an updated document via e-mail or alter the information you submitted. After publication, alterations can only be made in exceptional cases. Please contact our support team:

Please send an e-mail to our support team at We will check the status of your publication and, if possible, remove the manuscript from our archives.

An eBook (« electronic book ») is the digital form of your text, usually offered in PDF format with GRIN. If your text meets a large demand, we will then also start offering it in the eReader formats EPUB and MOBI (Amazon Kindle). If you wish for your papers to be distributed in the Kindle Store and similar eBook shops right away, you can order that feature for a small fee. For more information, visit our Premium Services.

Book means an actual printed book. Our books are in DIN A5 format, have a carton binding (similar to a paperback) and, by default, are printed in black and white. Optionally, we also offer DIN A4 format and single colored pages in case that seems to be necessary for the understanding of your text. By publishing the eBook and the book edition side by side, we hope to profit from the benefits of both and are able to distribute your work through thousands of online shops and book stores worldwide.

With GRIN, we always publish your text as both an eBook (PDF) and as a printed book. This measure dramatically increases the sales opportunity since the market for digital books is continuously growing. Also keep in mind that there are different groups of readers: While some prefer the digital version, others love browsing through printed books.

As soon as we have published your manuscript, it is immediately available as a PDF file. The print version will then follow about seven to fourteen days later. It may also take a few days until your book will be available in the major online bookstores. Please stay patient.

The Open Access papers can be accessed for free on our website. Here, readers can scroll through the whole work right on the product page. Alternatively, they can also click on the cover in the upper left corner (« read the ebook ») in order to access the (quotable) PDF version. In addition, we offer readers the option to download a printable PDF file for 99 cents. If, for personal reasons, you’d prefer the publication to be completely free, please contact us at (

Due to the production cost, it is impossible for us reduce the price for the printed version. You will receive royalty payments for these sales on a quarterly basis.

Depending on the vendor, it can take between a few hours and several weeks before all information regarding your book has been included in the catalogues of all major shops. Unfortunately, we are unable to influence or accelerate this process.

For new publications, the excerpts are being created automatically. Therefore, it may happen that (especially if you only submitted a PDF file) the excerpt is visibly different from the original file. Please contact us whenever you encounter this bug, we will fix it as quick as possible.

In order to see what the actual PDF-eBook looks like, you can click the « Read the ebook » button on the cover.

Once it has been published, we are happy to send you a PDF copy of your book via e-mail. However, for reasons of cost efficiency, we cannot give away free printed copies. As soon as the printed version is available, you will be able to order discounted copies of your book. You can find this option at Order my Books. There, you can see what kind of discount you can expect. The more copies you buy at the same time, the more money you will be able to save per book. Please refrain from sending us orders via e-mail since we are unable to process them. Additional fees arise for deliveries to non-EU countries. Therefore we have no automated solution for such orders. Please contact to get an estimate of the costs.

Questions about the contract

If you did not save the contract to your hard drive when uploading your manuscript, you can download the most recent version here. For older versions, please visit this page or contact our support (

You may always distribute your text as an open access publication with a library or school server. Excerpts of the work may also be published in scientific journals. Please let us know about any such publication.

However, you may not simultaneously publish your text with another publishing company, except if GRIN has a license agreement with that company (e.g. the German Diplomica Verlag).

When you accept the contract for the publication of your manuscript as an eBook and printed book, you grant that, while the contract is valid, GRIN holds the exclusive right of use which is unrestricted in time, territory and content. We may alter your text (editing, proof-reading), merchandise it and publish it in a new context (for example as part of a collection or an app) and translate it into different languages. Of course, you will be notified about every new publication and, if you decided against the one-time payment, will receive the usual royalties.

According to German law, the copyright cannot be transferred and will therefore always stay with you.

Royalties and Billing

One or two months after the end of each quarter, you will receive your quarterly statement via e-mail. It consists of a detailed list of all your sales. The billing of texts will be included into the statement of the quarter during which they were published. The same applies to one-time payments as well as provisions from our partners.

Example: If you submitted a document on March 27th, chose the one-time payment and the paper gets published on April 7th, you will receive your payment with the billing for the second quarter that will be processed during the third quarter.

Within the SEPA countries (e.g. within all member states of the European Union) we will transfer your royalties using a toll-free SEPA transfer. All you need to do is make sure your bank data (IBAN and BIC/SWIFT) is stored in your profile at

Authors from outside of Europe (e.g. India, Pakistan, African countries) will receive their payments over PayPal. At the moment, we do not offer any other forms of payment.

Exception: Authors with a bank account in the United States of America can choose to receive their royalties via bankwire. However, this is only possible if the amount in question exceeds 50 EUR.

Royalties from eBook sales will be disbursed starting with the very first sale. With the printed books, our contract grants us the right to withhold the first 50 Euro from your book sales to cover our advance expenses (with older contracts, different terms may apply). As soon as your royalties exceed this amount, all further shares from your book sales will be transferred to you. Since your works will also be sold in other countries with different tax systems, different royalties may apply to one text. For the complete table of royalties, click here. It is possible that you are being notified about a sale but do not receive royalties for it. This might be due to the fact that the customers cancelled their order or did not pay for the book they ordered.

Under Sales and Royalties, you can view all royalties that have not yet been included into a quarterly statement. Please keep in mind that this is a beta version. It might therefore not display daily updates to your sales and cancelled orders. As soon as open royalties have been distributed, they will no longer be displayed. This does not mean that they have been deleted, but that you will soon receive a complete royalty statement via e-mail.

If you have registered a trade in Germany and therefore are subject to VAT, you can request a quarterly statement with stated sales tax. Please send us proof via mail, fax or e-mail (e.g. a letter by your tax authorities stating that you are subject to VAT) and include your turnover tax ID number. As soon as we have verified your data, your royalties will be paid including the statutory VAT. This includes all future sales starting from the date we received your proof.

For accounting reasons, we are unable to change earlier billings. However, you may carry the missing VAT to our account. For further information, please contact

According to German Tax Law, we are obligated to deduct the withholding tax of 15% plus solidarity surcharge from the royalties (5,5% of withholding tax) paid to authors subject to limited liability to German income tax (non-German authors). All deducted amounts will be paid to the fiscal authorities. Please contact your tax advisor respectively the German fiscal authorities for potential refund claims.

Please check whether your e-mail address and bank data are still up to date. If you have any further problems, please write an e-mail to

Your balance will not expire. As soon as your data has been updated, you will receive your payments with the next quarterly statement. Royalties that are not older than three years will be transferred with the next billing as soon as valid bank details have been submitted. However, these royalties will not be listed in the royalty statement e-mail since they were already included in earlier statements.

Questions by customers

Buying eBooks

Once you have purchased an eBook, you will receive an automatic e-mail with a download link that will be valid for the next 72 hours. If you did not receive an e-mail (please also check your spam mail) or missed the downloading deadline, please send us an e-mail with your invoice number. We will then send you the files via e-mail.

eBooks are offered as PDF files on our website. Most computers, tablets and smartphones are able to display PDF files without the installation of any further software. With elder devices, you might need to download a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Please remember to always save your purchases to your hard drive. You will not be able to permanently access the files in the cloud / using streaming.

You do not. All GRIN eBooks are in the PDF format. In order to open and read them, all you need is a desktop computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet. Most devices are able to display PDF files without the installation of any further software. With elder devices, you might need to download a PDF reader such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

PDF is a static eBook format with fixed pages (quotable) and a layout that can be displayed on computers, tablets, smartphones and most eBook readers.

With EPUB, the text dynamically adapts to the reading device if parameters like font or font size are being changed. EPUBs can be read on all common eBook readers (except the Amazon Kindle family), e.g. Nook, Kobo, Sony Reader. The format is also especially suitable for smaller devices such as smartphones.

MOBI is a special eBook format for Amazon Kindle devices. Like EPUB, it dynamically adapts to the reading device.

There also exist several programs that allow the reader to open EPUB and MOBI files on their computer (e.g. Adobe Digital Edition) and tablet (e.g. Kindle App).

You can read free texts in their entirety on our website. All you need to do is scroll down on the product page. Alternatively, you can also click on the cover on the upper left (« Read the ebook ») – you will then be able to see the (citable) PDF version. In addition, interested readers may download the printable PDF for 0.99 Euro.

Due to the production cost, it is impossible for us reduce the price for the printed version.

Yes, you may cancel the purchase of digital content within the statutory period of 14 days. However, the right of withdrawal will expire prematurely as soon as you download the files.

Buying printed books

Please be patient – 99.9% of all orders arrive just like they should.

Our books are printed using the print on demand method, meaning that the book is being printed and bound right after we have received your order. Your book will be shipped by DHL (no tracking available). Domestic shipping will usually take between 2 and 5 business days. Delivery abroad will take longer.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. In case your shipment can not be delivered it will be sent back to GRIN after seven days. We will then contact you, update your address data and resend the delivery.

Despite careful checks, it may happen that parts of an eBook are missing (e.g. the appendix, interviews or figures). If this is not clearly stated in the free preview on the product page, we will immediately contact the author and ask for rectification. You will then receive the complete version of your purchase as soon as possible.

In case a new delivery cannot be completed within ten business days, we will naturally cancel your purchase. Please forward your confirmation of purchase to, explaining the reasons for your product return.

Due to organizational reasons, we cannot offer a purchase on account option. However, our online shop offers several different ways of payment that will allow you to quickly and securely pay for your purchases: direct debiting, credit card and PayPal. For more information, see here. Alternatively, you can also order our books and eBooks at your local bookstore or via other online market places.

Please order our print publications at the usual bookseller rates via wholesalers (e.g. Libri) or directly via Books on Demand (

Affiliate author programs

We can only transfer the bonus payment to your account for the quarter during which the new author published a manuscript with GRIN. You will only receive the award if he or she signs up with GRIN using the affiliate link. Unfortunately, subsequent crediting is impossible.

My account with GRIN

On, click « Login » in the upper right corner, and choose « Forgot Password? » from the login section. In the next step, you will be asked to enter the e-mail address you used when registering with GRIN. We will then send an e-mail to this address that will contain a temporary password which can be used to login to your account. You can now set a new password using Login/Personal Data.

Please send an e-mail to our support team ( or call us. We’ll be happy to help.

Please log in to your author’s account using your e-mail address and password and proceed to the Personal Data section. Here, you can keep your personal information, for example your e-mail address and bank data up-to-date. Thereby, you will be able to receive your quarterly statement and important information regarding your publications.

Our system remembers the language you used when you last logged in. Your current choice of language is displayed in the upper right corner of Make sure you have chosen « English », then logout and login again. You should now receive e-mails in English language.