Dr. Edward Wafula


Mr. Wafula is a Kenyan with passion for both extracting and disseminating knowledge. Born in Nabulooli, a simple village in Bungoma county in Western Kenya, his accomplishments and achievements are centered in pedagogical discourses. However, his ambition is ultimately to foster change in education sectors through scientific approaches. Nonetheless, Wafula believes that change through knowledge is a fountain from models. With doctorate knowledge, his contribution of knowledge is globally weighed through several academic and professional publications that he has been able to publish with global professional publishers. These include Thesis & dissertations, professional papers and project papers presented on different issues with a global agenda in various workshops. Currently, he is a research consultant on curriculum change and educational innovation.

About Me

I am a male child from the family of seven children. My religious affiliation is Christianity. I prefer playing volleyball and organizing teams for community sustainability. I like visitations and helping the sick


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Curriculum change & innovation, Strategic planning and instruction
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Creativity, teaching and instruction

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Institution / College Atlantic International University
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