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Joseph NM Tobias
Joseph is a graduate of the University of Namibia, he earned a Bachelor of Public Management back in 2016, he is also an alumni of Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), a program aimed at training future young African leaders to be agents of change in their home countries. He has participated in the AU Model Summit of 2014 hosted by the University of Namibia; he has completed a six month Diploma in Business Management with Amity University (India). He is currently in his final year of Master of Arts in Political Science. He worked as a contracted school teacher at Niigambo Combined School in the rural outskirt of Namibia. From 15 February 2018, Joseph worked in the Namibian National Assembly, Parliament as a Political Researcher and Speech Writer for the Popular Democratic Movement which is the Official Opposition party. Joseph has written well over 20 published articles in the Namibian Newspapers, the Namibian, The Sun, Windhoek Observer and the Patriot, his writing ranges from all African issues, corruption, mobility and free movement of people, african institutions, Governement systems, party politics, the state, state model, socialism, black consciousness etc. He has also participated in different essay competitions, written non-academic articles and currently in the process of publishing his first academic article. Joseph sees himself as a Social and Youth activist and advocate for the voiceless, a political analyst and a writer. In collaboration with his fellow youth, Joseph intend to establish a youth newspaper, a youth dialogue organization and an NGO focused on political and human rights education for the people in rural areas and young people, most especially in school at all levels.


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