Dr Hyasinta Kessy


Dr. Hyasinta Kessy works with The Open University of Tanzania, Faculty of Education, Department of Psychology and Special Education.
She has been trained in several professions including: Diploma in Agriculture, Diploma in Education, Diploma in Educational Management & Administration (ADEM), Bachelor of Education (Psychology & Geography), Masters in Psychology as well as PhD in Learning and Multimedia.

Dr Hyasinta Kessy has been a teacher in Secondary Schools, Teacher Training Colleges, and several Universities. She has also undertaken trainings in Agriculture, Agro Forestry, Educational Management, ICDL, Online Facilitation, and many others
Her projects include: integration of HIV/AIDS in Secondary Schools Curriculum, Integration of ICT in teaching and learning, OER, Teacher's Facilitation in Preparation of Multimedia Instructional Materials and EPICA Project. She has published several papers in Psychology, ICT, ODL, & ICT for students with disabilities and learning in Multimedia.
Dr Hyasinta Kessy has supervised many students in undergraduate, Masters, and PhD levels in Tanzania, Africa, and Overseas.

Dr Hyasinta Kessy has written several books including Social Psychology, Language & Literacy in Early Childhood Education, Managing Special Needs in Special and Inclusive Settings as well as Competence Based Curriculum & E-Portfolio


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