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Uhunagiegbomwanre “Brian Robbo Ogbeide” (the Author of the book Nollywood: The Nigerian Film Industry and this book Learn Edo the Easy Way) was born in Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria. In 1992, he emigrated to Germany and has since then settled in Herzogenrath, Aachen (N.R.W). He became a German citizen in the year 2000.
His education includes a Certification in Electronic Music Production (EMP), followed by 2008 Diploma in Audio Engineering, at the Sae-Institute, Cologne, Germany and in 2012 he attain a Degree of “Bachelor of Arts” (Honours) in Audio Productions from the Middlesex University, London.
Mr. Ogbeide is a multi-talented individual and has worked for various companies in and around Aachen and he is a singer – songwriter, sound engineer, author and many more.
Now, Mr. Ogbeide is working on creating his own record/media studio, where he will be working on some of his specialties, like: Music/Video productions.

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