The Basics of Tragedy. How Film Musical Dramas reflect social issues

Master's Thesis, 2021

60 Pages, Grade: 2,5


Table of Contents


List of Abbreviations

1 Introduction

2 Theoretical Concepts of Forms of Tragedy, Aristotle, Shakespeare and Musical
2.1 Definition: Tragedy
2.1.1 Aristotle’s´ Poetics
2.2 Shakespeare´s Romeo and Juliet
2.3 Definition: Musical

3 The Concept of the American Dream, Ethnic Problems and Migration to the U.S. in the 1950/60s
3.1 A Brief Concept of the American Dream
3.2 The Great Migration as a Foundation
3.3 Puerto Rican Migration to the U.S
3.3.1 Theatrical Liberalism
3.4 The Reflection of Post-War U.S.-Society through the Movie Landscape around the 1960s

4 West Side Story (1961)
4.1 Motives and Themes within the Story
4.1.1 Tony and Maria´s First Meeting
4.1.2 Juvenile Gang Issues
4.1.3 Representation of the Social Issues and Gang Violence
4.1.4 White Privilege and Puerto Rican Representation
4.1.5 The Symbolism of Death Within West Side Story
4.1.6 The Usage of Theatrical Liberalism and Self-Freedom

5 Modern-Age Film Musicals
5.1 La La Land (2016)
5.1.1 Sebastian and Mias´ Pursuit of Happiness
5.2 Soundtrack (2019)
5.2.1 Sam and Nellie
5.2.2 Interracial Love Issues
5.2.3 The Dream of a Balanced Life

6 Similarities and Differences of Social Issues, Black and Hispanic Representation and the American Dream Effect within West Side Story, La La Land, Soundtrack
6.1 The Depiction of Individualism and the Modern Tragedy
6.1.1 The Romeo and Juliet Idea
6.2 Black and Hispanic Representation within West Side, Story, Soundtrack and La La Land
6.2.1 Black and Hispanic Representation in West Side Story
6.2.2 Black Representation in La La Land
6.2.3 Black Representation in Soundtrack
6.3 Musicals as A Medium for American Reality

7 Conclusion


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The Basics of Tragedy. How Film Musical Dramas reflect social issues
University of Cologne  (Englisches Seminar II)
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Film, Drama, Musical, Musicals, West Side Story, Racism, Rassismus, Stereotypes, Stereotyping, USA, American Dream, Puerto Rico, Migration, Film Musical Drama, The Great Migration, Self freedom, Soundtrack, La La Land, La-LaLand, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare
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