Urban Entertainment Centers in Major Cities of Karnataka


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Urban Entertainment Centre (UEC) can be defined as family-oriented entertainment destinations. These centres combine shopping and recreation with entertainment to form an overall experience. Retail needs entertainment to draw people in and entertainment needs retail to support the overall operation.

The goal of a UEC for a city or developer is, perhaps, to create tax revenue, or to sell food, or merchandise, but for the visitor the overriding concept is to have fun. Entertainment is the draw and a large part of what creates the unique experience of
the centre. A UEC has to be created as a centre with the right balance of retail and entertainment. If the centre contained too much retail it read to the visitor as an ordinary shopping mall, conversely, if there were too many entertainment options
people forget to make purchases. UECs are created on the fundamental of partnership between retail and entertainment. Combinations of this partnership provide variations of UECs which can be adopted depending on the culture and heritage of the city.

Tue objective of this study would be to assimilate the available information and assess the existing facilities and arrive at relative advantages, constraints, issues for identification/ finalization of project requirements.


Urban Entertainment Centers in Major Cities of Karnataka
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Titel: Urban Entertainment Centers in Major Cities of Karnataka

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