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Table of Contents

1. Marketing History

2. Brand Equity
2.1 Durex’s Market Position
2.1.1 Key competitors
2.1.2 Position
2.1.3 Market trend
2.2 Market Segmentation
2.2.1 Geographic
2.2.2 Demographic
2.2.3 Psychographic portrait
2.2.4 Behaviouristic
2.2.5 Profile
2.3 Brand Value
2.3.1 Intangible Value
2.3.2 Functionality
2.4 Key Brand Element (Brand Identity)
2.4.1 Name
2.4.2 Logo
2.4.3 Range of product
2.4.4 Packaging
2.4.5 Promotion
2.4.6 Price

3. Primary Research
3.1 Awareness
3.2 Advertising
3.3 Packaging
3.4 Price

4. Conclusion

5. References

1. Marketing History

In 1929 the London Rubber Company (LRC) has registered DUREX condom trademark, whose name was derived from Du rability, Re liability and Ex cellence. The next important steps as a global condom’s provider were in 1951 with the introduction of the first fully automated production, and two years later with the development of the first electronic testing machines.

During the 1980s, Durex condoms began to be sold in public area (supermarket, pubs, …), due to the recent AIDS fear. This decade will show thanks to the sales increase, a sharp development of marketing with the first Durex poster campaign in 1982, as well as the first condom advertising on television (1987).

Finally, during this last decade, Durex has followed a marketing policy aimed to increase the awareness of the brand, with: the installation of free-standing outdoor Durex vending machines (1992); the sponsorship of MTV’s events (1995); the first Durex Sex Survey (1995); the launch of the first selection of coloured, flavoured and ribbed condom in the same pack (1996) and in 1997 the launch of the first non-latex protection called Avanti.

At the beginning of the 21st century, Durex has launched www.Durex.com over 30 countries. These web-sites feature localised pages, in particular the use of local language. It provides sexual information, allowed people to question specialists, details the Durex condoms and the sponsored events.

Durex is nowadays part of SSL International, which is a world-wide company producing a range of branded products sold to medical and consumer healthcare markets, such a Scholl, Marigold gloves, etc …

2. Brand Equity

2.1 Durex’s Market Position

2.1.1 Key competitors

Although Durex is a world-wide brand, there are no real international world-wide competitors, but rather more national size competitors, such as Trojan for the United States market, Mates for the United Kingdom, Condomi in Europe, Pasante, etc.

The market of the condom has two principal aims:

1) Prevention of STD, such as AIDS.
2) Contraception means.

So, in opposition to direct competitors, it is essential to evoke the role of the indirect competitors, which are those with a product of substitution. According to the Durex Sex Survey (2001), the condom is globally the most popular form of contraception (41% of people use it). In the 59% non-condom users, 19% of the population uses the pill, 8% natural methods and the rest (75%) use no contraception. So the indirect competitors (the pill and the natural methods) have very few market shares, which are negligible.

Concerning the prevention means of the STD market, the condom industry has no official competitors.

2.1.2 Position

The market share being approx. 22%, the position of Durex can be defined as the leader of its sector. Obviously, at the different national level, the ranking can be slightly different with, for example, 80 % of market share in the UK, 59 % in Italy, 14 % in the USA and around 4 % in Japan. However, these positions are reflecting a dynamic strategy, namely to enter new market, such as Japan in 2000, with ambitious market share targets (5%-7% the first year).

2.1.3 Market trend

According to the SSL International Preliminary results for the year ending on 31st March 2002: “Durex showed underlying growth of 4.7%, after a £7.5 million trade loading adjustment, driven by volume increases. In the UK, the growth in the retail sector was partially offset by a decline in NHS sales. Asia Pacific recorded an impressive performance in condom sales, with a growth of more than 20%. The USA continues to be a fiercely competitive market.”

2.2 Market Segmentation

2.2.1 Geographic

Although Durex is a major worldwide company (present in 140 countries), its main market are European (69.5% of sales), American (18.6% of sales) and Asian ones (11.9% of sales).

Otherwise, Durex condoms are available in supermarkets, chemistry, free-standing outdoor vending machines and in other public area. But the particularity is that the range of product is not the same according to the retail point. Indeed, the classical condoms are sold in the supermarket and public area, and in the drugstore a wider range of condoms and genital product are proposed.

2.2.2 Demographic

Usually, the condoms are addressed to every kind of the population, however it seems that Durex is more focused on the young population the 16-24 year olds. The two main reasons are that: This population is potentially the highest condom users, and according to the Durex’s market developers (2002), “market research has shown that, once recruited, brand loyalty among users is extremely strong”. As a result, Durex is targeting by its advertising campaign around 60 millions 16-24 year olds, for attracting them and then develop their loyalty.

Finally, even if the condoms are addressed to every class of the population, the high price may favour the upper class (ABC1) with high incomes. Indeed, a lot of non-branded condoms are cheaper and fully recognised as safe, such as Safesex and Pasante.

2.2.3 Psychographic portrait

- Fun: person who likes having fun, such as in trendy discotheque with friends, for instance the New Year Dome with around 40’000 people organised by the Ministry of Sound.
- “Carpe Diem”: Enjoys the present time and live without counting its energy.
- Sportive or sport attracted: Does some trendy sports (snowboard, roller,…) or participate in sportive events, which may have an extreme image, like the Extreme Race or the X games.
- Open mind, extravert: No taboo, he/she discusses about every kind of topic, in particular about sex.
- High Liver: Likes to take part to famous event like the US Spring Break, where there are lot of alcohol and sex.
- Worried: Worries about STD, racial and environmental problems.
- High Connected: Uses often Internet and Mobile phones.
- Easily Influenced: The advertisements, the Television, the friends’ thought and the trend influence on this young person.
- Friendship: Friendship is slightly more important than a stable relation with a partner.
- Urban culture: Such as people who pass the day in shops and the night in discotheques.

2.2.4 Behaviouristic

The condom buyer will have very different purchase behaviours. Whether, he buys Durex very frequently with the curiosity to try each kind of condoms either he buys it occasionally. However, according to Durex , “market research has shown that, once [the buyer is] recruited, brand loyalty among users is extremely strong.” In other words, the experienced buyer will trust the same brand and repeat his purchase, which is, last but not the least, strongly linked to his personal sexual activity.

On another behaviouristic level, the Durex will have a particular purchase approach. He will find the right shelves, and will choose the right package quickly, without analysing in detail the inscription on the package. This behaviour has obviously an important consequence on the package’s concept: The product has to be recognisable from far away to ease the recognition.

2.2.5 Profile

The typical profile are the 16-24 year olds (slightly more male than female), who likes to go out with friends for having a maximum of fun and laugh. They go often to special events, where they will find commercial trendy music or original manifestations (Spring Break, Extreme games…). The image of themselves is very precious and they want to impress in having a good time.

Friendship is for them slightly more important than stable relation. The fact is that their relations are changing, which induces the use of condoms and are well aware of the consequences of a misuse. In their point of view, the condom is imperative, but the use thereof is not so easy to use.


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