The impact and effect of project and change management approaches in delivering business change

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Table of contents

1. Introduction

2. Organizational Change and Project Management Aspects

3. Human Elements of Project managemen

4. Business Change Techniques/Strategies and Change management agent Roles

5. Leadership in bringing about business changes

6. Roadblocks of Organizational Change managemen

7. Recommendations

8. Conclusion

9. References

1. Introduction

Change management is defined as a structured approach for transforming organizations, teams and individuals from their current position to a future state which is desired for fulfilling or implementing a strategy or vision. In simple terms it is a form of organizational process which aims at empowerment of employees for accepting as well as embracing changes taking place in their immediate environment.

This paper will specifically emphasize on issues related with leadership and management required for delivering business changes within the organization and in its workforce. Managing changes is associated with project management and is a distinct process altogether. A discussion based on the significance and ruling of the change agent has also been done. This is because the role played by the change agent is significant to trigger organizational changes and make them acceptable to the workforce. The chief difficulty faced by the agent is managing individual resistances against change. It is human nature to be resistant to change due to habit. The conflict lies in the interests of the manager and the client regarding a project which help in forming the challenge of leadership and empowerment and also serves as the point of debate for the change process. Since managing change in itself is a distinct process, it is important to discuss the competencies and strategies that need to be implemented (Anderson, 2010).

2. Organizational Change and Project Management Aspects

Today, the business world is reshuffling at a rapid pace. The worldwide market economy, aging population, technology developments and global competition are creating a long-lasting impact. Today, large number of workers disengages themselves when the company they work in does not do what is right and cannot manage the changes well. Whereas in companies where the employees believe their employer to be caring and honest in managing change finds only 40% of the employees going disengaged. The most critical driver for organizational productivity and effectiveness is employee engagement which is rapidly declining in the Northeastern companies since the last few years.

A study by Wallinger(2006) suggests that the principle on which the projects implemented by multiple organizations is based on is the need for innovation in the current business state. The British Standards Institution suggested that monitoring, controlling, planning and motivation are required in the management process of projects in order to achieve the project’s objectives. It is asserted that every organization must fulfill its duty of defining the crucial elements of project management based on its business strategies and corporate structure (Wallinger, 2006).

The process of project implementation has both the strategy and structure of the organization being affected by innovation. This fact serves as a reference for project management as the key change agent and it also helps in considering it in a wider context rather than just the project’s technical implementation. Project management is difficult as it comprises of taking decisions in context with innovating within an organization effectively (Anderson, 2010).

Bertocci (2009) stresses that change management is the renewal process for the capacities, structure and direction of the organizational characteristics in continuous manner to serve the rapidly changing consumer demands both externally and internally. It is asserted that the main objective of managing change is integrating the business processes, strategies and individuals along with the existing technologies. Executing such integration requires examination of the multiple management tools and techniques to be used in a practical sense (Bertocci, 2009).

3. Human Elements of Project management

Buckley (2013) asserts that it is not at all easy to implement a successful transformational or change strategy for bringing about organizational transformation because there are various work streams that need to be integrated successfully to bring about the desired change. It is true that the preparations done previously are quiet important but the actions which are taken while implementing the change and after the change has taken place is equally critical. Thus, it requires application of an integrated process for planning comprising of the steps to be taken before, after and during the process of change (Buckley, 2013).

It is believed that the key direct impact of project implementation is on the organizational business but the core and most important element which must be considered by change management is the people related to it. This is because launching of strategies, structures and organizational culture is carried out by individuals being the most important deciding factors for the success or failure of the project. The techniques, motivation and team building process are the key enabling factors for managing change along with the direction tools, controlling and correcting people’s behavior with the aim of changing the present status of the organization (Sibbet, 2012).


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The impact and effect of project and change management approaches in delivering business change
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