William Shakespeare’s "Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark". A Para-Psychological Reading

Essay, 2014

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The present paper endeavours to give an in depth para-psychological reading of William Shakespeare’s classic play ‘Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark’. Two distinguished terminologies, “interoception” and “exteroception” are introduced and taken into consideration, while examining the central character, Prince Hamlet. Previous theories and critical observations are also analysed for a proper assessment of the play. Besides, it is also shown how a careful para-psychological reading can provide an antidote to all previous critical excesses. Critics have often looked upon the play as a potential “Pandora’s box of troubles” interpreting it in a distinctive variety of spectrums. However, the following research shall show how the play is Shakespeare’s systematic study and a tribute to the superior intellect of man.


William Shakespeare’s "Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark". A Para-Psychological Reading
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Hamlet has been interpreted by many scholars by certain recognized standards and conceptions. The current paper is an unconventional take on the play, an attempt to explore the unexplored and the unexplained. Human mind is a terrific mystery of sorts, each and every mind being unique and distinguished from the other. Therefore, both psychology and parapsychology have been combined, in an endeavour to comprehend the superior human intellect.
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Puja Chakraberty (Author), 2014, William Shakespeare’s "Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark". A Para-Psychological Reading, Munich, GRIN Verlag, https://www.grin.com/document/278664


  • Dr.hc Puja Chakraborty on 8/23/2014

    The present work is an unconventional take on Shakespeare's classic masterpiece 'Hamlet'. A must-read for every student and scholar who wishes to undertake a substantial perception of the play

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Title: William Shakespeare’s "Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark". A Para-Psychological Reading

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