Management Functions of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research. An Analysis

Scientific Study, 2015

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A Case study on SKMCH&RC by Sabir Hussain


1 . 0 Overview

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital & Research (SKMCH & RC) is a welfare organization located in Lahore, Pakistan. It is an organizational project by Shaukat Khanum Memorial Trust, which intends to help the poor or ill. It is working in the field of cancer research and treatment. I selected this organization because it is the first and only one organization in Pakistan working at international level in concern of cancer treatment. I took SKMCH & RC as my target case study. This case study has an aim of conducting a review of its management functions and observe how it is working according to international standard . Also, in line with the mission subject, SKMCH & RC has strived hard to remain at the top position of technology. it has done whatever it takes to see that it provides the best quality of technological treatment to patients . The hospital also has an aim of acquiring more medical equipment to see that it fights cancer in the best way possible .

2 . 0 Introduction

Over the past few years, SKMCH & RC has firmly established itself as a place of excellence providing comprehensive care free of cost to thousands of patients diagnosed with cancer. In September 1985, Imran Khan, one of Pakistan 's most illustrious cricketers, bows to build a cancer hospital in the memory of his mother, Shaukat Khanum, who died from cancer in 1985. January 1990, Dr.

Nausherwan Khan Burki draws the master plan. In April l991 stone lying ceremony conducted by the then Chief Minister of Punjab M. Nawaz Shareef, march 1992 Pakistan wins cricket world cup, a boost to Imran Khan's ambition to build the hospital. In 1992, Leroy Deabler appointed as first hospital director of SKMCH & RC .

In Februa1y 1994, mass contact campaign launched with a tour of30 cities of Pakistan. In February 1995, the hospital has to be thoroughly established, Operation Theater becomes operational for minor surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures . Sui gas and electricity also arrived at the hospital and also first Shaukat Khanum Collection Centre set up at Jail Road, Lahore . Shaukat Khanum has a rigid culture. They have individuals who are cultural oriented and therefore, they ensure they take accounts and decisions in a serious manner.

3.0 Inspiration

Imran Khan and his mother shared a strong bond between them. She was very supportive, and so Imran was so much attached to her. In 1984, Imran's mom, Shaukat Khanum fell sick to a point that once properly diagnosed, she was almost inoperable. She suffered from cancer, which was seeing as a disease which could affect only the rich people, in the sense that only well-off people could afford to fly to Europe where by then most of the treatment was received. It, therefore, saw to be life style disease. Despite flying to Cromwell Hospital in 1984, Imran's mom died the following year in much pain. Imran made sure that he was by her side all through her hard times. He felt her pain, but he was not in a position to help by any means. In this light, lmran was determined at taking a cancer-related career. When he retired from cricket, he made up his mind to build the first cancer hospital in Pakistan in honor of his mother.

SKMCH & RC have a special way of bringing forth innovations. These ways involve encouraging their employees to be risk takers and think of new ideas. They have also bought the idea of decentralization. This means that they have divided the organization into zones.

The head of the zone is therefore, expected to borrow ideas from their subordinates while making decisions. They have also invested a lot in guarding the behaviors of the employees. In this therefore , they have formulated rules and regulations that govern employees. For the purpose of meeting organizational objective, SKMCH & RC have gone a notch higher in making sure that they understand what their employees need. They therefore ensure that they motivate their employees through categorizing them. They have also made sure that every employee is given the respect he or she deserves. In this light; therefore , managers are strictly authorized not to use any offense or loose language against the employees. Employees are also motivated through provision of different programs aimed at improving their skills, which in turn would help serve the company in the best way.


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Management Functions of Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital and Research. An Analysis
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