Bike theft in Hasilpur city

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This study was conducted to find out the causes of bike theft and to identify most active areas (for crime) in the city area of Hasilpur with the help of Hasilpur police department. About 107 cases of bike theft came in notice in last three months (Jan- march 2017) but filed were only 43. Quantitative research method was used in this study. FIRs were obtained from City police office Hasilpur to identify the areas and for the information about victims. The most active areas were Jamia masjid and Madarssa Muftah Al Aloom (on Friday), THQ hospital, Habib bank , Mobile market, Jalander colony and satellite town (regular days). Most common thing in all cases was negligence of the owners (victims).


Hasilpur city is situated at 29.6903° N, 72.5382° E and 91 km eastward from district Bahawalpur. The total population of Hasilpur city is 88,023 according to TMA report.

Incidents of bike theft are increasing in the city due to number of causes including poverty, illiteracy, lack of law and order and impropriate attention. Rapid increase in crimes is becoming utmost challenge for civilized societies. Different studies infer that crime trends have been increasing for many decades and majority of criminals are young people (InternationalensisGroup 2003)

Even today little attention is paid by the law enforcing agencies to the growing menace of terrorism and crime in the urban and rural centers. It is believed that majority of the cases of violation of law by offenders are either not reported to police or escaped its attention. (Khan, Chaudhry et al).

Bikes are being stolen due of negligence of owners and impropriate security arrangements. Some robbers, for instance, come alone (), do not wear any disguise, and flee at the first sign of resistance. Other robbers come in well organized groups. (Van Koppen and Jansen 1998).

Most of the robbers appear to have taken a highly casual approach to their crime. (Gabor, Baril et al. 1987).

Low level planning generally took place the same day as the robbery and frequently within in a few hours of it.(Gabor, Baril et al. 1987)


Following were the main objectives of the study:

- To find out the most active areas for crime (bike theft).
- To find out the major cause of bike theft.


The study was conducted in Hasilpur city by analyzing secondary data of bike thefts. The data was obtained by FIR reports of bike thefts through City Police office Hasilpur. These FIR reports have all necessary information like place of theft, model of bike, owner’s information and Also time of theft.

After obtaining FIR reports from city police office, the area is divided into 5 parts by cluster sampling technique. It is difficult to interview all 43 victims so respondents were selected via size to proportion random sampling according to no. of cases in particular area. Structured Interviews were conducted personally (3) and also on telephone (7). Computer software SPSS is used to calculate frequencies (Descriptive statistics) and to build graphs. ArcGIS software was used to point out and label the active areas for crime on the map.


The objectives of the study were to find the active areas of crime (bike theft) and causes of theft.


Table no. 1.1 and 1.2 shows the percentage of the crime area with respect to total crimes (bike theft cases)

Table 1.1 Details of cases that are reported in last three months (Jan-march)

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Bike theft in Hasilpur city
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3.01 (PAK-System)
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Bike theft, crime, negligence of people, theft
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Title: Bike theft in Hasilpur city

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