How can International business affect the natural environment which includes marine life and wildlife?

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Have you ever thought about why our environment changes year after year and why are there many endangered species of animals these days? International Business is significant driver of economic development and countries pay big attention to developing trade and business. Business plays a remarkable role in environment change in these days. It can affect positively and negatively natural environmental which includes wildlife, marine life also human life. And because we live in this world, we are all impacted by that effect and we should to understand and analysis the natural situations to protect our environment.

There are many of international businesses are contributing in environmental problems which affect wildlife. The products go through process of production and that process include a number of stages before they are ready for market. For example, traditional paper-making requires trees to be grown and harvested, the wood to be processed, the pulp often to be bleached, and so on. The different process will have different sorts of environmental effects on biodiversity on forest-based streams and wildlife (Abaza, 2005, p. 53). The cost of business on the environment at about $4.7 trillion per year. On the other hand, that is means the huge impact on wildlife in an area — species relocated or completely lost because of a lack of natural resources for their daily needs (Folk, 2018). The factories of international business contributing in emission of gas that affect negatively on wildlife. In addition, the countries which import goods such as vehicles with excessive emissions that pollute the air, products containing heavy metal complex such as lead, very noisy machines and devices or fuels that can harmful the environment (Witkowska., & Wysokinska, 2005). Many types of animals die because of exploiting natural lands to build new business enterprises. During the building process, awareness planning is a very important to reduce some of the negative impacts. The fashion companies use bleached wood pulp for produce viscose and rayon, which are the base materials for producing clothes. In fact, that pulp is often taken from trees in endangered forests this means we are buying and using the clothes that contributing directly in destroying forests which is home of many wildlife animals (Jones, n.d). The factories of business release carbon into the atmosphere and that lead to global warming which it leads to forest fires. In 2019 in Brazil, the Amazon rainforest was burn and that significantly affected wildlife. There are some of people think that human activities are one of causes of these fires such as, trees cutting for some business purpose.

Marine life is one of the victims of environmental problems. The clothes companies use materials of synthetic fibres (polyester, nylon, acrylic) in the clothes production process. These clothes when they washed in a machine, millions of tiny microfibers are released through water treatment plants into the oceans and rivers. The microfibers contain poisonous chemicals, which harmfully affect marine life by transferring these poisons to animals’ body. Many species of animals such as, fish, lobsters, crabs, turtles, penguins, seals and manatees ingestion the microfibers. During the dyeing process of clothes, the dye dumping to the ocean which leads to pollution on marine life. Plastic bags is common use by many businesses and markets. Unfortunately, it kills many types of animals that living in the ocean. The amount of plastic bags that enter the world’s ocean is more than 8 million tons every year (Strauss, 2019). When animals searching for their food, sometimes they ingestion the plastic bags accidentally or because sometimes some of plastic bags smell like food and animals cannot realize and distinguish that. International oil companies play a big role in ocean pollution which killed a lot of animals. Sometimes the oil may spill from oil tankers to the ocean because of some issues inside the tankers. In addition, oil tankers accidents lead to oil spill therefore, that lead to ocean pollution and destroy the marine life. Seafood business can also affect marine life. For example, some seafood business gets the fishes by overfishing and that have huge influence on the marine life.

Environmental protection is a one of the hard issues, which the world is trying to find their reasons and good strategies to resolve them. The companies can replace plastic bags with paper or canvas bags. For example, in supermarket they should use paper or canvas bags which customers can use it when they finished their shopping. Norton Point Company is one of innovation business that found innovative solution to protect the environment. The company realized that ocean plastic is a significant problem in our environment. The company make sustainable sunglasses from ocean plastic and they try to prove to the people that they can buying sunglasses made from recycled plastic. The revenue of the international business can be used to make other business enterprises that protect the environment. Such as Norton Point company, they reinvest of their net profits into development efforts in order to repel the impact of ocean plastic (Lawson, 2019). One of the good environmental business ideas is to make a foodservice business and the packaging that use to offer these foods such as cups, lids, cutlery, plates, bowls, and bags are biodegradable. That will help to keep the environment clean and will not harm the wildlife and marine life. In addition, establish a business specialized in protecting and taking care of animals can save the environment. We can establish animals care home business, which aim to taking care of animals who lose their habitats because of the forest fire and forest destruction.

Based on my research question, I made a questionnaire using Google Forms to know the opinions of students in my collage about how can international business affect the natural environment which includes marine life and wildlife and if they awareness about the threats of international business on our environment. The students show different responds and opinions. Firstly, I asked students if they are interested in environmental protection. The percentage of students who are very much interested in environmental protection was 55.6% as it shows in the chart below. Secondly, I asked them if they prefer to use plastic bags or Eco-Friendly bags when they are shopping. As it shows in the chart below, 88.9% of students prefer to use Eco-Friendly bags and that is good news, which refer to the people will accept this idea if the markets implement it. Also, I asked them a very important question, which is if they have a business, how they can make it helpful to environment. One of the students said: “I will make my business far from the wildlife and I will use the recyclable materials”. Another of one’s student said: “We should to keep our environment in mind when we decide to make business to avoid any negative impact on wildlife and marine life”.

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In conclusion, international business has remarkable effect in environment and the protection of it is very important issue these days. Business is double-edged sword. It can damage the environment that include wildlife and marine life through exhaustion the nature lands and use plastic bags and it can maintain the sustainable protection of environment through establish a business specialized in protecting it. In my opinion, before we start to build own business, we should to keep our environment in mind and try to make it less harmful because environment means too much for us. We can reinvest our profits in some environmental enterprises which they care and protect animals.


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How can International business affect the natural environment which includes marine life and wildlife?
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