An Experimental Study on Effects of Blue Ternatea in Alleviating Anxiety and Stress among Jose Rizal University’s College Students

Literature Review, 2021

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Background of the Study

Stress can cause significant consequences in our health alongside with coping anxiety. It has become widely known problems in the society nowadays more especially of pandemic that also introduces the implementation of virtual classes to students. Students in this matter are affected not only for the finances to go on learning but also anxiety and stress. Level of stress and anxiety can increase if stimulated by some factors. The fundamental reason for this proposal is that findings could help in resolving different psychological conditions specifically stress and anxiety of an individual person. It is believe that stress and anxiety could further develop in to more serious mental condition like depression. And so, we the researchers conducted this study to examine the effects of Blue Ternatea in alleviating stress and anxiety condition. Furthermore, positive results of this study could lead into new scientific basis and understandings on how to help people with these kind of mental conditions and it could also influence clinical practices and public health policies.

Research Variables

IV: Drinking Blue Ternatea

DV: Effects of Ternatea on Stress and Anxiety

CONTROL: Blue Ternatea

Related Literature (Web Method)

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Review of Related Literature

Stress and anxiety are common mental problems of people and particularly among college students. One factor to be considered is the large load of requirements that needs to be submitted on time and because of this, students tend to develop realistic anxiety and stress. Their environment may largely contribute to the development of anxiety and raise their level of stress respectively. Moreover, in a survey conducted by Strada Education, stress, anxiety, isolation and loneliness were the biggest obstacles faced by most students during the past semester, and they see those concerns as much heavier than other stressors such as financial struggles or academic workload management. A lot of students are still struggling to adopt with the online learning; there is much dependence to online-schooling yet not all of the students have been provided with high bandwidth. The unstable connection became hindrance for effective learning which contributes to stress and anxiety of most students. Likewise, unaided anxiety and stress may further develop to serious mental condition like depression. That is why several scientific studies tried to aid these mental conditions by different medications and psychological approaches, thus continuous study and experimentation are being done to further examine more possible agents that could alleviate these stress and anxiety.

This chapter provides the literatures that comprises the main focus of the research described in this research. In conducting a research regarding the effect of blue ternatea on alleviating the stress and anxiety among college students, the researchers are to find studies that directly relate to this study. The information gathered ideas that show some degree of relevance to this study is stated below.

Foreign Studies

Stress is a physics word. It means the amount of force exerted on the object. The stress in life is the pressure that the issues we encounter bring to our lives. These issues such as financial difficulties, diseases, conflicts with others, etc. They will all cause negative effects on people's body and mind. The pressure may come from the external environment, but it is more likely to arise from ourselves, including worry, anxiety, regret, discouragement and lack of confidence (Wheeler,2007)

Stress is common in our daily life. People seek help from outsiders because the conditions, circumstances and stressors in their lives make them physically or psychologically uncomfortable. Many people think that they are not capable of solving the issues or the tremendous pressure they face. The circumstances that cause stress are called stressors. Not only negative things can cause stress, but even positive things can cause pressure (Centre 2010,4-6; Davidson 2001).

Depression and anxiety are very common in the current world. These are the emotions we all have. College students are no exception. Even during the pandemic, they are under unprecedented pressure. Maybe the pressure comes from school, family, income, friends, etc. If not resolved properly, these bad emotions will turn into serious mental illness. We have to learn to relax, such as drinking blue ternatea. Certain species of legumes can be natural medicines. blue ternatea or Clitoria ternatea is a natural plant for depression and anxiety (M. Chwil et., al)

Blue ternatea is also called Clitoria ternatea. It is used in the Ayurvedic system of medicine in India to treat a variety of diseases, including inflammation, indigestion, diuresis, constipation, etc. According to the study of A. Anita Margret and her colleagues, the compounds extracted from Clitoria ternatea, (Z)-9,17-octadecadienal and n-hexadecanoic can be used as the lead molecules for the development of novel selective MAO-A inhibitors. These inhibitors can be used to treat mental illnesses such as anxiety and depression, which means that Clitoria ternatea has an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant effect.

Clitoria ternatea is a natural psychotherapeutic drug for anti-depression and anti-anxiety. M. Parvathi investigated the anti-depressant, motor coordination and locomotor activities of ethanolic root extract of Clitoria ternatea and found that compared to the standard drug imipramine, Clitoria ternatea ethanolic root extract also showed significant antidepressant activity.

Clitoria ternatea has a significant effect on anxiety. According to the research of Md. Bakhtiar Lijon and others, oral Clitoria ternatea can relieve anxiety and depression and has a calming effect. And animals treated with Clitoria ternatea also promote intelligence and memory. By using Pentylenetetrazol and maximum electroshock, it was found that an extract of Clitoria ternatea called methanol is effective. In addition, it also has anti-stress activity.

Clitoria ternatea has been traditionally claimed as a medicinal herb that can be used to decrease or alleviate anxiety attacks. In a study conducted, they investigated if the claims about Blue ternatea were indeed real. The methanol extract from its roots and diazepam showed a significant behavioral change. And according to the results of their study, the blue ternatea can be concluded as an effective natural treatment for antianxiety. (Deepak Kumar et. Al, 2016)

Aside from its healing properties, recent studies showed that Blue ternatea has significant effects in the cognitive behavior, anxiety and depressive state of an individual. Its pharmalogical activities are an addition to the medicinal world. According to Prof. Dr. Ali Esmail Al-Snafi, CT showed a wide variety of pharmalogical activities. One of this is its effect to the cognitive behavior, anxiety, stress and depression, which is induced by pentylenetetrazol as well as the maximum electroshock (MES). To further assess the effects of Clitoria ternatea, it was also studied on individuals who are mediated with dopamine, serotonin, acetylcholine and noradrenaline.


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An Experimental Study on Effects of Blue Ternatea in Alleviating Anxiety and Stress among Jose Rizal University’s College Students
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Title: An Experimental Study on Effects of Blue Ternatea in Alleviating Anxiety and Stress among Jose Rizal University’s College Students

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