Investigation of the gamma-ray pulsar PSR J2032+4127

Research Paper (undergraduate), 2020

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Abstract or Introduction

This paper is about the investigation of the gama-ray pulsar J2032+4127.

PSR J2032+4127 is a pulsar that forms a binary system with the star MT91 213. Both stars are located in the constellation Cygnus at a distance of approximately 5,000 light-years from the Sun. [1] The system is part of the Cygnus OB2 star association.

PSR J2032+4127 is the core of an exploding star with a diameter of only 20 kilometers. The speed of rotation around its axis is 7 times per second. The pulsar was discovered in 2009 using the Fermi Space X-ray Telescope. Astronomers noticed unusual changes in the pulsar's rotation frequency, which could be explained by the impact of a massive object on it. Such an object turned out to be the star MT91 213, which is 15 times more massive than our Sun and 10 thousand times brighter. This star belongs to the Be-class — it rotates very quickly around its own axis and therefore has an oval shape.

The paper has been written in russian letters.


Investigation of the gamma-ray pulsar PSR J2032+4127
Institute of physics, nanotechnology and telecommunications || Astrophysics
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investigation, j2032+4127
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Jose Alfredo Collazos Rozo (Author), 2020, Investigation of the gamma-ray pulsar PSR J2032+4127, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Investigation of the gamma-ray pulsar PSR J2032+4127

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