Brewer, Gene - K-Pax

Presentation / Essay (Pre-University), 2001

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Page 1

image 4dff7cebfe112690d00459b7919fa892

athletic believes himself from another

little below average in height world called K-PAX0

337 years old stocky

wanted to come to earth by cu- dark

swarthy riosity

first visit of earth in 1963 thick and coalblack hair

firs k-paxian to visit earth dark glasses calm demeanor

has been on 65 planets agile and coordinated step

visited Africa, Europe, Asia, seemed relaxed

soft voice image 8098234812e1a4cdc49c5697c9fb8d3f

no accent

his parents don’t work very healthy

his parents are more than 600 capitalizes the names of planyears old ets, stars, etc., but not those of persons, institutions, even countries

Session 2

began to take notes during ses- hadthousands of parents

spent a happy childhood sion

born the same like one does on no biological children

met his mother once, but never earth

anatomy much like the humans

his father

physiology is similar too no person but a being

didn’t have a home to go when

he was child

Session 3

at least attended college and IQ: 154

look at page 40 possibly even a graduate or professional school

16.08.01 1/9

Page 2

B.Imboden (Tb)

is able to see light at waverange

length well into the ultraviolet

Session 4

knows everything about the rational

able to function normally newly discovered star system

intelligent his presence seemed to have a


image 3f32ba03d0df4d8266d33f5ae72820a9



Session 5

mathematics is not his strong wants to return to K-PAX


Session 6

telling about life on K-PAX

image 8f3aad19a37ce346b9bec8bd73dbc492

initial interview: simple chat image 0a144c84b824460b1792e84b39649568

doesn’t smoke

always feels a little tingle at the prot seemed arrogant to him

image 40c8b610ba1e4d39918c803869bd0f3a
and remembered him his father

thinks about human mind and


wants to find our prots geo-graphical origin, his occupation,

Session 2

tries to give his examine room patients sit on comfortable

as pleasant an atmosphere as chairs and don’t see the clock possible

16.08.01 2/9

Page 3

B.Imboden (Tb)

thinks that prot suffers some took in high school courses in

sort of sexual terror or dysfunc-physics

with 12 he found himself in a tion

feels a great deal of pity for prot image d3ae8357dadda56f413944be788b81bb

thinks that prot hates his par- wantsto “humanize” prot ents, his job, the government, society

thinks that prot has a sever sex


Session 3

is curious

Session 4

hated his father contemplates the book

his father had chosen his career disappointed to find that prot

and precipitated a lifelong guilt had his limits too

realizes that he got his book complex

30 years after his fathers death,

he had nearly managed to ruin Genes sex life

Session 5

puts 15watt-“nightlight” bulbs, image 32c59abfcf24b8b01ca9277af4475d45

hoping the dimmer radiance would induce prot to remove his

Session 6

asks himself if prot could have wanted to be a singer

killed someone

never wanted to be a psychia-trist

image 741654bace3ee8762dd1267cc2f3e1ff

Page 4

B.Imboden (Tb)

His father

he was an overworked small- Genehated his insensitivity and

town doctor his arrogance

Session 2


his wife since 12 they are sweethearts

knows her since ever

His father:

died when Gene was 12

Session 3


his oldest daughter doesn’t care how she looks

very pretty Steve’s wife


his son has an ear for music

sensitive quiet

read a lot when he was a child aeronautic


his daughter beautiful

slim third-year medical student

Will (Chip):

his son popular

youngest hardly ever home

brightest doesn’t know what to do with his

star athlete at school life



Abby’s husband Has a reddish beard

Professor of astronomy

Session 4


his wife psychiatric nurse

Session 5


16.08.01 4/9

Page 5

B.Imboden (Tb)

favorite expressions: “ciao”, summer job as a lifeguard at

“truly”, “you know?” one of the public beaches

Session 6

His mother:

was a courageous woman her last word: be a good doctor,

image 335c9e48750082e64cf37693f8ff480d

a planet bigger than Earth, about the

about 7 thousand light-years size of Neptune

beautiful world with its colors from earth

in “constellation Lyra” and variety

two suns (K-MON = red; K-RIL k-paxians travel on tachyons

tachyons travel faster than the = blue)

most of time there’s twilight

light and backward in time, time

no one works there passes for the traveler and he

they get TV and Radio from becomes older than ha was when he left earth

only one race

Session 2

circled by 7 moons only a little water

the reproducing process is quite life began on land, underground

forefathers were something like unpleasant

pain is more general than on worms

no families! earth

women don’t strive hard to children are not raised by their reach orgasm biological parents, but by every- overpopulationis no problem one

life is quite different than on no countries!

no zoos! earth

life is much older no marriage

life began 9 billion of earth years entire population = one big famago ily

k-paxians exist since 5 billions everybody is sibling

of years

16.08.01 5/9

Page 6

B.Imboden (Tb)

no government! no cities, only villages

one does what needs to be few children

no difference between “working” done

no money! and “playing”

about 15 million of k-paxians life is fun and interesting

variety of creatures adults and children are the

no domestication of beings same

k-paxians are vegetarians

no capital

Session 3

not mentioned

Session 4

never completely dark, fewer

stars visible in sky

Session 5

no days warm, no rain

k-paxians sleep less no one owns anything

no regular time for sleeping sleeping outdoor

sleeping when need arises men and women are free to

doesn’t rotate unidirectionally image 6254789a96036c1d7cf35fe1a645d1ad

reaches the end of its cycle

wearing little or no clothing

every 21 of Earth year

libraries, computer simulations there exist calendars and

(like being there) clocks, but they are rarely used

planetary travel is something food: soaked grains (21 differ-

new ent), fruits, vegetables, NO meat

weather is very dependable, al-most every day the same

Session 6

once a cycle cold weather no need for a doctor

nobody plants the grains, they no pollution of air

no tobacco plant themselves

there are no humans herbs help against everything

no laws small clinics

no accidents

16.08.01 6/9

Page 7

B.Imboden (Tb)

no religious, sexual or financial no religions

the idea of God was kicked a problems

orderly few hundred cycles ago

who makes a mistake this one is discussions about information

pointed out to him and ideas

everybody knows what’s right beings don’t kill other beings

crime is less popular than sex and wrong

behavior codes became obvious

over time

image 6cc481ab837af46283c1403ca04027e3


believed to be Christ lives in his own world

in general:

they are capable of feats that

others cannot begin to duplicate

Session 2


almost always keeps to himself, his father dug a bomb shelter in

image 84ad4af4df339d33b00ee66a99810eda
or talks quietly with Russell

afraid of death, unable to think

with 11 he was unable to speak about anything else

when he was 9 he watched his or to stop shaking

in clinic since almost 20 years mother choke to death on a piece of meat Russell:

unofficial chaplain


usually too busy to talk to any- endlessquest for perfection

circles and bags under his eyes one

suffers the “white rabbit”- syn- battlewith fatigue

gets ill quickly drome

43 years old, look like 60 reads dictionaries and encyclo-

hadmusical abilities


father pushed him too much to takes notes and does lists


16.08.01 7/9

Page 8

image ba002bf69e59749a332c5a65fe515f00

not mentioned

Session 4

Ward one:

patients who suffer acute ne u- patientsare free to mingle

roses or mild paranoia

those who have responded to

the rapy and are nearly ready to be discharged Ward two:

delusionals (for example: Rus- othersunable to function in so-sell and prot) ciety

manic and deep depressives patients are free to mingle

obdurate misanthropes

Ward three:

divided in 3A and 3B 3B: autistic/catatonic section

3A: seriously psychotics

Ward four:

psychopaths who might cause

harm to the staff or patients Whacky:

son of a prominent pleasant guy

his ex-wife is well known mid-forties

normal childhood handsome

remained virginal for two ago- closelycropped brown hair

strong cleft chin nizing years - he was saving

sad blue eyes himself for the woman he loved

on wedding she run off with an wanted to meet prot

wanted to be taken to K-PAX old boyfriend

began to masturbate right there

in the church “Catherine Deneuve”:

around 60 unattractive

slow-growi ng brain tumor artist!

almost totally unable to speak, while she worked she even

read or write seemed to become beautiful

barely able to feed herself


takes his temperature less fre-quently Howie:

seemed a bit less frenetic

in general:

16.08.01 8/9

Page 9

B.Imboden (Tb)

some of the others started to surroundings take a greater interest in their Bess:

27 years old difficult to get her to eat, thinks

has been homeless and emacishe doesn’t deserve it

sad person ated

never smiles listening attentively to prot

was treated like a slave

Mrs. Archer:

70 years was running down Fifth Avenue

called “the Duchess” image 02961fe095180de63d5dd242d59c24a2

trained since birth for a life of

became a lamb in presence of


always complaining prot Russell:

decided that prot was scouting

the Earth for the devil

Session 5

in general:

inmates love to talk about one

another Howie:

had become an entirely different prot had assigned him the task

person to find the bluebird of happiness

cheerful there will be 2 more tasks

even relaxed

cleaned glasses

Session 6


63 years brought in because he started to

has been doorman image 163f5872a1ffe40da48a9388c828d3c7



has been an MPI for 3 years her mother knew about it, and

Russell was the only male who image 15313c933fd540561d8566043f390d20

could get near her

pretty suffered from multiple persona l- longblack shiny hair ity disorder

had been raped by her father (it Carlotta (one of her personal i-started when she was 3) ties) tried to kill Maria once

16.08.01 9/9

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  • guest on 4/20/2002

    Brewer, Gene - K-Pax.

    Ist ja nur bis session 7... und dsas Buch hat 16 sessinos und noch am Schluss wird das Leben von Robert dargestellt und sonst noch vom das Ende.

  • guest on 4/20/2002

    Brewer, Gene - K-Pax.

    hat mir nicht jemand noch eine schöne Zusammenfassung und/oder die Charakteren von Gene/prot/Robert vom Buch K-Pax???

  • guest on 5/28/2003

    nur bis session 6.

    hallo barbara

    du hast eine tolle arbeit geleistet, gratuliere! Ich konnte nur bis session 6 den referat lesen. hast du die andere sessions auch noch, oder übersehe ich sie? Ich sollte bald das k-pax buch kurz vorstellen.
    ich wollte dich nur darauf ansprechen, ob du die andere sessinons auch hast, wäre ganz nett.buch ist spannend aber die arbeit ist sehr aufwändig!

    ganz liebe grüsse

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