How Far Does Advertising Influence Human Consumption?

Term Paper, 2018

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The following work will deal with the topic of commercial influence towards the consumer by using different strategies in different types of media. The AIDA strategy works consciously. Its aim is to make the customer pay attention to the advertisement, to make them feel involved and to develop a wish for the product.

Using repetitions, emotions and addressing a community are strategies that work subconsciously. Repetitions stay in mind for a longer time and connect the advertisement to a picture of the brand. Emotions are created by leading through a story and making the consumer feel good to create a positive emotion about the product, too. Using the community works with the help of idols and with the opinion of the majority of people to make the consumer follow a certain sense of belonging. The strategies are types of communication because the supplier sends a message through an advertisement to the consumer who shows a reaction to the advertisement.

Digital advertising is the future if advertising. Search engines, Social Media Channels and video platforms are used to advertise because people spend more time on their mobile phone than on a desktop, watching TV or listing to the radio. For the suppliers, it is easy to collect personal date online. Using the personal data, they create personalized advertisements to offer more successful advertisements by knowing the consumer’s wishes better. That means, the consumer has to pay attention to be less influenced by all these strategies.


How Far Does Advertising Influence Human Consumption?
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Lea Tappert (Author), 2018, How Far Does Advertising Influence Human Consumption?, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: How Far Does Advertising Influence Human Consumption?

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