Relationship between Marketing Communication and Organizational Profitability. Research Proposal for a Case Study

Case Study, 2021

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Table of Content

Table of content

1.1 Introduction
1.2 Background to the study
1.3 Problem statement
1.4 Research objectives
1.5 Research questions
1.6 Research hypothesis
1.7 Rationale for the study
1.8 Literature review
1.9 Methodology
1.9.1 Data collection
1.9.2 Data analysis
1.9.3 Limitation and delimitation of the study
1.10 Overview of the study


1.1 Introduction

More than ever, the role of marketing communication in an organization is pervasive especially with greater number of companies diversifying, merging or acquiring others or packaging new products or redesigning declining ones in order to remain in business. Specifically, activities and operations by organizations, its focus and brand (products/services) benefits to consumers needs to be made known to them in which case marketing communication comes in. Marketing communication has an important role in brand building in the market. Marketing communication builds goodwill, which in turn enhances customer likelihood.

Experts such as (Onah & Michael 2004; Maureen FitzGerald 1999) posit that marketing communications involve enhancing or achieving awareness, better understanding, shared beliefs, meaning, and positive associations, attitudes and predispositions in favor of product, service or firm that is being marketed. Thus, while corporate business functions depend on some coordination and relationship with others, marketing is more people-oriented than others, and perhaps most involved with key stakeholders such as customers, trade groups, media commentators, suppliers amongst others. This social relation makes communication imperative for businesses to interact within and outside their environment (Don Schultz et al 2007).

Therefore, effective relationship with these stakeholders requires a carefully planned and executed communication functions. More so, marketing effectiveness depends partly on non-marketing functions within a company, and marketing communications are also affected by company’s dealings with the environment. As an organization diversifies, its products/ services and market sphere the greater the need for a good marketing communication given the complexity of overseeing and communicating with groups, segments and remote locations that need to interact with the firm in its daily businesses on real-time basis.

1.2 Background to the study

Profitability and the quest to remain a going concern always have been the determination of the shareholders and managements of Whitepot Limited (Company number N1624313. For almost half a century when the firm was established in 1975, Whitepot had survived recession where some of their peers went out of business. According to the Chairman and Owner "This recession feels like we survived a heart attack” thanks to diversification. The diversification in more commercial operations and markets as posited by the Manager "creates challenges for [the] company to communicate effectively with fragmented target audiences”

To communicate effectively, therefore Whitepot Limited, like other organizations needs an appropriate marketing communication practices. This is because an effective marketing communication culture helps organizations keep current customers, acquire new customers for brands by building awareness and encouraging purchases. Marketing communication presents a marketing strategy to draw the attention of all target audiences, sending a message about the organizations marketing mix- people, product, price, and promotion can excite their interest and can help create a successful business which in turn enhances profitability.

1.3 Problem statement

According to Onwumere (2019) "A research problem represents the issue that is bugling [one’s] mind as a researcher.” It is the driver for the research proposal or research exercise. In Whitepot the diversity in operational activities and varied markets creates challenges- communicating effectively with multiple and fragmented target audiences; tying up different market segments in a way and manner that is organizationally manageable and sustainable. Again, there is the problem of demolishing entrenched marketing approaches which tend to be ‘conventional’, ‘ad-hoc’ and that are dictated by the perception of the shareholders. Thus the researcher is poised to evaluate these challenges through the lens of effective marketing communication.

Business leaders usually say more than they intended, the employees often interpret strategies differently and go in different directions which create uncertainties; customers under such condition are unable to understand offers thus there are needs to effectively use language and communicate in a clear and concise way which is effective marketing communication.

Agwu (2018) posits that the presence of good strategic plans assists in some ways in making businesses less vulnerable to the erratic business environment. Thus, effective marketing communication as a strategic tool enables firms increase their transaction volumes, number of customers, market shares, and consequently their organizational profitability.

1.4 Research objectives

The general objective of the study will be to evaluate firm’s marketing communication practices with a view of identifying the challenges it posses to profitability.

The specific objectives of the study will include:-

i. To identify the impact of effective marketing communication in WhitePot profitability.
ii. To identify practical opportunities that would enhance WhitePot’s marketing communication processes.
iii. To identify factors that would improve sales and revenues through effective marketing communication.

1.5 Research questions

In pursuant of the above objectives, the following research questions will be considered for the study:

i. What are the impacts of effective marketing communication in WhitePot profitability?
ii. What are the practical opportunities that would enhance effective marketing communication in WhitePot?
iii. What factors in marketing communications enable improves sales and revenue in an organization?

1.6 Research hypotheses

i. Ho1: There is no significant relationship between Marketing communication and organizational profitability.
ii. Ho2: There is no significant correlation between marketing communication and WhitePot sales and revenue.

1.7 Rationale for the study

Studies have been carried out around the globe regarding the role of effective marketing communication practices as a strategic tool for business performance. The vast of majority of research on marketing practices and marketing communications focuses on larger organizations operating at national and international level (Campbell 2010; Hoffman 2007; Vargo and Seville 2011). However, there are few empirical data from research on this subject covering Northern Ireland, despite the huge interest from Northern Ireland in research. A few studies available focused on the external challenges of Northern Ireland SMEs, concentrating on issues of management and diversification. This has left a yawning research gap that needs to be filled. Therefore, the dearth and paucity of empirical studies on the imperative of effective marketing communication practice and SME profitability in Northern Ireland context is one of the main rationales for this study.

As highlighted above, and because of the dearth of empirical study on the connection between effective marketing communication practice by Northern Ireland SMEs (the independent variable) and their profitability (the dependent), this research will focus on the private/ family owned sector of the Northern Ireland economy. The rationale for the selection of small and medium-sized enterprises from the private/family owned businesses is because of a number of factors, including the robust role this sector plays in the Northern Ireland economy- constitute 99% of the local economy of Northern Ireland, and the wider UK (NISRA 2017). This present research will take account of whether and how Northern Ireland SMEs used effective marketing communication practice to accomplish business objectives and improve sales and revenue. Private/family owned SMEs in the Northern Ireland comprises several types and sizes of business serving their community in various forms, including, tourism and leisure, trade and commerce, transportation, consulting, law, healthcare, financial services, convenience stores and food vending.

Furthermore, private/family owned SMEs in Northern Ireland, despite being the most common means of livelihood and employment generation, and a huge contributor to GDP, are in a dire state. The sector is characterized by unconventional, ad-hoc, capacity under­utilization, knowledge/ skill gap, mediocrity, and diverse marketing options. This study intends to contribute to the quest for solutions to the dire state of Northern Ireland private/family SMEs by highlighting effective marketing communication concepts.

Again, there is a dearth of empirical research concerning the importance of effective marketing communication practice for small and medium-sized business in NI which provides a need for critical analysis of this subject matter. Thus, this study is noteworthy in that it presents a framework for deducing empirical data on the connection between effective marketing communication practice SMEs effectiveness from the Northern Ireland perspective.

Finally, this research may provide a benchmark for the assessment of organization marketing efforts and the advantages obtainable from effective marketing communication in the NI private/family SMEs, which is a very significant sector for the NI economy.


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