Breast Cancer Research. Ageing as Predisposing Factor

Diploma Thesis, 2018

34 Pages, Grade: A

Abstract or Introduction

This work investigates whether age is among the predisposing factors for breast cancer. Breast cancer is heterogeneous malignant cells whose specific age profiles exponentially increases until menopause after which it rises gently slowly thereby reflecting the superimposition of the early and late onset rates of breast cancer. The early onset breast cancers represent mainly the untimely life transforming or inherited consequences on the undeveloped epithelium, while late-onset breast cancers in most cases are likely to follow an extended exposure to supporting stimulus of vulnerable epithelium, which has botched to age normally. Biomarker studies and clinical observations indicates that the latter staged breast cancer types often develop slowly and are less biologically aggressive compared to the early staged breast cancers despite being under the control of hormone receptors such as growth factor receptor abbreviated as (HER2) and estrogen receptor (ER), expressions hence supporting the conclusion that breast cancer biology is age dependent.

Approximately twelve percent of women across the globe in the current society are annually affected by breast cancer. Moreover, while breast cancer incidence increases with age advancement, patients of younger age at diagnosis are largely associated with increase in the mortality rate. This research discusses most of the age-related factors, which affect the identification or diagnosis, treatment, and management of breast cancer incidence; examining main concepts and exploring vital areas, which calls for additional research. Ageing as a predisposing factor for breast cancer will be examined in connection to diagnosis and treatment with special reference to nodal status, hormone factors, breast cancer subtypes and genetic status. Further, although narrowly, the study will also touch on the future expectations of breast cancer identification and treatment through examination of some rising potential technologies and breast cancer tests like the miRNA.


Breast Cancer Research. Ageing as Predisposing Factor
Kenyatta University
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breast, cancer, research, ageing, predisposing, factor
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Gabby Ian (Author), 2018, Breast Cancer Research. Ageing as Predisposing Factor, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Breast Cancer Research. Ageing as Predisposing Factor

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