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Oates, Joyce Carol - Big mouth ugly girl - summarie

Alexander Sim








Matt, three friends, Mr Weinberg, two detectives

Rocky River High School, Wincester County, room 220

01.25.01, a Thursday afternoon

Matt talkes with friends, when two detectives come in.They take Matt with them, after a short talk with Mr. Weinberg, Matt doesn`t know why

An introduction; 3rd person anrrator; at first Matt thinks about his family, when the detectives take him with them


Ursula Riggs, the two teams, Ms Schultz

RRHS, WC, basketball court

01.25.01, afternoon

The Rocky river team plays against the team of Tarrytown. Ursula makes a mistake and RRHS lose the game

I-narrator; about ugly girl; Ursula`s family isn`t interested in her hobby basketball


Ursula, Bonnie Lemoyne, Trevor Cassity, pupils of the school

RRHS, WC , near entrance of the school

01.25.01, afternoon

After the game Ursula thiks about herself and when she wants to leave the school she gets the information of Matts arrested. She doesnt believe it

I-narrator; about ugly girl; how and why lost the match makes she sad and angry about herself. She is angry, because the others believe Matt is a terrorist.


Matt, two detectives


01.25.01, afternoon

The detectives talk with Matt

Matt goes more and more helpless


Matt, two detectives, Mr Parrish, Mrs Hale, Mr Rainey, Matts mother,  Mr Leacock

RRHS, WC, Parrish`s office, police headquarter

01.25.01, afternoon

The detectives interrogate Matt in the office of Mr Parrish and after that in the police headquarter. Matt talks with his mother and then with Mr Leacock

Matt tries to be calm. Doesn`t know how to convince the officers that he isn`t guilty.


Ursula, Lisa, her mother

At Ursula`s home

01.25.01, evening

Ursula ist watching a report about the rumour at RRHS. Then she sends an email to Ms Schultz, because she wants to quit the team. Also she sends an email to Matt, because she wants to talk with him.

Ursula tries that Lisa doesn`t get informations of the troubles at RRHS


Matt, Alex, his mother and father, Ursula

Matt`s home

01.25.01, evening

Matt talks with his family and tries to contact his friends, because he wants to talk with them, but they don`t answer. Then he phones Ursula and she says, that she wants to be a witness for him.

First Matt thinks the mail of Ursula is a joke from Skeet. Ursula speaks determinded, when she tells him that  she wants to be a witness for him.


Ursula, her mother, Mr Parrish, Eveann McDowd

Ursula`s home, RRHS, Mr Parrish`s office

01.26.01, Friday morning

Her mother talks with Ursula, because she don`t want that Ursula speaks with Mr Parrish. Ursula talks with with him as a witness. Later even with Eveann and her mother, that Eveann can also be a witness.

The parents of the kids from RRHS don`t want that they get involved in the situation. Ursula show Mr Parrish the truth.


Matt, his mother, Mr Leacock

Matt`s home

01.29.01, Monday afternoon

Matt gets emails from Mr Weinberg, Ursula and his friends. He send an email back to Mr Weinberg. Matt isn`t any longer suspended. He send an email with the good news to Ursula.

The newspaper tells about the bomb situation and make ist bigger.


Ursula, Matt

RRHS, school

February, morning

Matt see Ursula and waits for her. But she walks away an take a longer way.

Ursula doesn`t want to talk with Matt, because he has called her a friend.



Matt`s home

02.07.01, Wednesday evening

Matt writes an email to Ursula. He tells her his feelings and want to know the reason for her reaktion at school. But he doesn`t send the mail.

Matt hates the February, it annoys him.


Ursula, Mr Parrish, Bonnie und Eveann

Mr Parrish`s office, school cafeteria

A morning

Mr Parrish braise Ursula for telling him the truth. Then she goes in the cafeteria and gets nervous as she saw Matt.

Eveann is now Ursula`s best friend.


Matt, Mr Bernhardt

RRHS, classroom

Friday morning

Matt resigns as vice president of his class.

He is vice president of his class and very proud of it.


Matt, Mr Steiner, Russ

RRHS, Mr Steiner`s office


Matts articel for the school news isn`t accepted; he resign there, too. He don`t want to do something with his friends.

Matt feels missunderstand of all others.



Matt`s home

02.16.01, 2:11 am

Matt write the second time an email to Ursula with his feflings but not send it.

Matt can not manage that situation and he doesn`t know how


Ursula, Lisa, her mother

Lincoln Centre


Ursula goes with Lisa and her mother in a dance concert but leaves it after a few minutes. She walks around and thought she saw Matt with a girl but it wasn`t Matt. Mr Parrish writes a praise letter.

Ursula think she is ugly and don`t want to be praise for good things she had done


Matt, Alex, her mother

Matt`s home


Matt gets a letter about that nobody forget what es has done. His mum not feel anymore safe and wants to move.

The whole family gets involved


Ursula, the brewer twins



Ursula finds out that the brewer twins blamed Matt.

The hobby of Mr Brewer is to blame sombody


Ursula, Mr Weinberg, pupil from the school



Everybody know that the brewers blamed Matt and that the Donaghys sue the school and the Brewers.

Mr Weinberg is sad about the situation


Ursula, her father

School, Ursula`s home


Matt isn`t at school. Ursula should tell Matt that the lawsuit isn`t right.

Ursula misses Matt


Matt, boys from an higher grade



Some bigger boys follow Matt and push im down the stairs.

Nobody likes the lawsuit. Matt has problems with it.


Ursula, Lisa, her mother

Ursula`s home

February, Friday, Saturday

Lisa is very angry about Ursula. Lisa eats less and less. On Saturday Ursula go in the nature perserve

The nature preserve is Ursula`s favourite place.



At the nature

February, Saturday

Matt doesn`t like it at school anymore. He goes with Pumkin in the na.preserve and want to commit suicide.

The nature preserve is Matt`s favourite place.


Ursula, Matt

At the nature

February, Saturday

Ursula meets Matt at the cliff and know that he want to commit suicide. She talks with him and they go down the cliff and safe him.

Ursula is frightened about Matt.



Matt`s home

March, 03.01.01, Thursday

Matt writes an email to Ursula.

Matt is happy that he don`t commit suicide.


Matt, Ursula

03.02.01, Friday

Matt and Ursula writes at ecach other but Matt delete one more time a mail.

Matt feels safe with Ursula and they climb down the cliff.


Matt, Pumkin

Matt`s home


Matt says to Pumkin that he couldn`t leave her oder any other.

Matt wants that Pumkin believes him.




Matt thinks about Ursula and the hand grip

Matt gripped Ursula`s hand. It was the first time like that.


Matt, Ursula

03.03.01, Saturday; 03.04.01, Sunday

Matt and Ursula writes email all the night. Matt thinks about her and ask her what she thinks about the lawsuit. They both agree to meet in the na.preserve.

Ursula and Matt were first in the 3rd grade togehter. He thinks she is special.


Ursula, Matt, Pumkin

Nature preserve, Ursula`s home

First weak in March

Ursula and Matt write emails and talk on the pone. They talk a lot of themselves. And Ursula meets Pumkin in the park.

Matt and Ursula have the same interests.


Ursula,  her mother and father, Courtney Levas

Ursula`s home, school

Second weak in March

The team want Ursula back. Her dad and mum find out that Matt is her friend. Her mum isn` happy about that. They have a fight.

Mrs Riggs is allergic about dogs and she don`t want a friendship between Matt and Ursula.


Pupils of school



Everybody talks about Ursulas and Matts friendship

Ursula and Matt are much together


Ursula, Matt

The nature preserve


Ursula say Matt her rally opinion about the lawsuit and Matt isn`t happy.

Ursula is against the lawsuit



Ursula`s home, school

March, the next day

Thay aren`t anymore best friends, because the disagreement

Ursula is sad.



Matt`s home


Matt don`t like the opinion of Ursula about his parents.


Matt, his father and mother

Manhatten, Matt`s home


Matt must go to a psychatrist but he leave before the meeting starts. Matt want to change the opinion from his father about the lawsuit.

Matt`s father doesn`t care about Matt`s problems at school. He wants the money and his good name back.



Ursula`s home

March, 03.20.01

Ursula is the same as before the good friendship with Matt. She wants to write an email but delete it.

Ursula is very sad about the situation with Matt.


Matt, Ursula, Eveann



Ursula gets a pice of paper. The paper say that she has to go to the libary for a book and a apology froim Matt. After school Matt tells Ursula the thing with the psychatrist and his father.

Both are very happy that they are best friends again.


Matt, Ursula

Ursula`s home


Matt tells Ursula a news what happened.

The news is a shok for Ursula


Matt, Alex, his mother, 2 policemen

Matt`s home


Alex has lost Pumkin by a man. His mother calls the police. They report the lost of their dog. At nigth were 3 calls. The first 2 were hanged up but on the 3rd there was a yelling dog. Matt tells this to Ursula.

Matt doesn`t want to give his brother the fault. His father is again away but nobody knows where. Matt could`t write an email to Ursula, because he is afraid about what he maybe write.


Matt, Alex, his mother, Ursula

Matt`s home

March, the next day

Ursula is at Matt`s home. Alex and Matt search Pumkin but don`t find her. The anonymous person calls again and again. Ursula tries to cheer them up.

Mrs Donaghy speaks good with Ursula. And what she always wanted was a daughter.


Matt, Ursula, Trevor, Mr Cassity

Home of the Cassitys

March, same day at the afternoon

Matt think that Trevor could have catched Pumkin. They talk with him and he gets very nevous.

Without his friends Trevor isn`t very brave.


Matt, Ursula, Alex, Mrs Donaghy

Matt`s home, Ursula`s home

03.24.01 at the evening

All are waiting of the return from Pumkin. Ursula gets an gratitude email which is signed by Pumkin.

Ursula has helped that Pumkin comes back.


Ursula, Matt, Lisa, Mrs Riggs, basketball team



Ursula ia again player of the basketball team. She is the best in the last 2 games. Matt, Lisa and Mrs Riggs are there, too. Mr Riggs likes Matt.

Ursula`s family is now more interested in her and the basketball makes her happy.


Matt, Mr Parrish, detectives

RRHS, Matt`s home

March, 03.30.01

All have the evecuate the school because the fire alarm. Matt was brought home beacuse he can be in danger of the misterios caller. Matt writes Ursula an email. The caller was Mr Brewer !

Matt was afraid to be blaime again, bacause the fire alarm and the bomb thrat.



Ursula`s home

March, 03.30.01

The news are full of the bomb thrat, that reverend Brewer is arrested and that the Donaghy drop the lawsuit. Ursula wants to tlak with Matt


Ursula, Matt, Lisa, Mr and Mrs Riggs

Ursula`s home, RRHS


Ursula cutts and blech her hair. Her family like her look and Matt, too. Matt writes some new articles and Ursula say that one is so good that he should send it to the new york times.

Ursula could make something out of herself and all people at school are nice at Matt and Ursula.


Matt, Ursula, pupils of the school, Stacey


April, 04.11.01

All are nice at Matt. His old friends want to have the same relationship as before. Matt is invited to some parties but he didn`t go without Ursula.

Nobody is happy about that Matt  will come with Ursula. So they don`t go.


Matt, Ursula

Nature preserve


Matt wants to tell Ursula something good in the nature preserve. When they lunch he tells her that his article will be published at the new york times. They have their first kiss.

Both are afraid that something bad can happen with Pumkin. She is very afraid of voices and cars.

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    und die umgebung(the river trail) ist nicht matts lieblingsplatz, sondern ursulas (geht aus chapter 24 hervor)

    beim river/creek trail denkt er über alles nach, und es ist ihm egal,was mit ihm passiert.

    zum buch: wie meine vorposter schon gesagt haben: langweilig, kindisch, aber schön zur vokabelergänzung und wiederholung (vieles kann man sich schön aus dn sätzen herleiten und verloren geglaubtes wissen auffruschen ;D )

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