Cultural Preferences as Causes for Obesity

Obesity in the United States

Essay, 2006

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Abstract or Introduction

Almost anybody today knows the troubles people have with their weight or figure. Articles in magazines and newspapers about diets and weight can be found everywhere, and one country where the problem of being overweight or obese is always on the top is the U.S.A. North America was the first nation to make people realize that it was not only the precursor of technologies and new industries, but also the ‘motherland’ of weight problems. Though, what are the reasons for this development? How is the situation like today? And what can be done against this disease?
In my following essay I will try to work out these points more explicitly.


Cultural Preferences as Causes for Obesity
Obesity in the United States
University of Heidelberg
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Cultural, Preferences, Causes, Obesity
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Carina Klehr (Author), 2006, Cultural Preferences as Causes for Obesity, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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    Actually it is really needed to have this body mass & other calculation related to health.It is always helpful.

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    Hey...Thanks for explaining that body mass indexing policy so nicely.Thanks for it!

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    Over the last decades, food has become more affordable to larger numbers of people as the price of food has decreased substantially relative to income and the concept of 'food' has changed from a means of nourishment to a marker of lifestyle and a source of pleasure. Clearly, increases in physical activity are not likely to offset an energy rich, poor nutritive diet. It takes between 1–2 hours of extremely vigorous activity to counteract a single large-sized children's meal at a fast food restaurant. Frequent consumption of such a diet can hardly be counteracted by the average child or adult

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Title: Cultural Preferences as Causes for Obesity

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