Ethiopian Higher Education Students' Attitude Towards Physical Education

Academic Paper, 2021

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Review of Literature




Description of the Questionnaire

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Abstract: The purpose of the existing examination has changed to gain access to the "Ethiopian Higher Education Students' Status of Physical Education". The current study was conducted on 800 students (500 males and 300 females) between the ages of 20 and 26 years. The subjects were Ethiopian Higher Education Students, Addis Ababa, and Dire Dawa. Topics were Ethiopian Higher Education Students, Addis Ababa, and Dire Dawa. The responses collected from the given studies were converted into raw data with the help of a frequency distribution method. The data were then sorted as a result of a percentage study method.

Keywords: Physical Education, Attitude, Higher Education


Physical Education refers back to a training approach that tends to focus on sports that expand and hold the human body. It is found that "training thru physical exercises to fully improve the perfect character of the student to the fullness and completeness of body, mind, and spirit". Physical Education is the process by which the transformation within a character is marked almost entirely by a movement experience. The aspirations of Physical Education are no longer able to develop physically, however, they are also concerned about everyone's physical education training. Physical training provides the ability to acquire and acquire mindset information on the physical, mental, emotional, social, and religious development of a person. Attitude can be defined as an active emotion of liking or disliking on the side of something (which can be anything) that has moral potential. According to Don Forsyth, "mental thinking is not always a state of mind, perception, or behavior; instead, attitudes include all 3 appendixes in" which include touch-awareness-behavior. "Both situations are either positive or negative. Priority or bending to respond unequivocally or negatively according to a certain point of view, object, individual, or situation.

Review of Literature

The higher education students have long gone through the accompanying textbooks, which can be applied to existing looks.

Macintosh and Albinson (1982) compared the corporate attitudes of higher education students in ages 20-24: those who take the splendor of physical education and students no longer take it for granted. They found that academics who are now choosing not to study physical education claim to have a much better mindset than physical education and to have more fun.

Lakshmi and Singh (1991) tested the specific psychological capabilities of college students of males and females who are closest to physical education. They have identified the top 5 psychological decisions: curriculum content, coach ethics, aesthetic status, expert opinions, and resources. Both male and female college students see those decisions within the same order.

Alden, M. A. (1932) Additional complementary elements that contribute to negative emotions that are close to physical education. These items protect against boredom with activities, now no longer trying to sweat, now no longer trying to dress, and the belief that athletes have received special treatment. Internal participation within the view was decided in the middle of the area and too much power within the Midwest. The students completed a 66-item study conducted with the help of Edgington (1968) which represents attitudes related to physical education to improve health, skills development, cognitive development, social development, and social improvement. Students were given 4 Likert Scale response options (1-4): Strongly agree, agree, disagree, and strongly disagree. Many studies like this allow college students to respond with a sense of impartiality, however, this has been removed to pressure college students to make good or bad choices.

Campbell (2002) studied the minds of 199 college students from Texas Austin University to Hudge. A mindset for college students (female) who are close to physical education with the help of a creative mindset. A list of 30-statement questionnaires was answered on the JBM solution page. The result advised that the difficulty was a good idea close to physical study.


The mindset is one of the most influential sizes now of the easiest teachers but also college students practicing within the classroom. Although educators are believed to be the most important people within the college in all of their actions, miles show that the thoughts and behaviors of college students are also critical to success. For senior educators or curriculum designers, the desired separation in the form of college students' methods is a common way to improve the curriculum.

Looking at how it can help with action, Stewart and Green (1991) examined the attitudes of 1,049 adult males and 1,081 females from overweight and overweight college students in physical training to train teachers/trainers in the best possible way and to prepare programs to implement physical education programs within schools/strengths and universities for balanced professional development. Observing will help to expand physical fitness programs to the level and help educators/trainers to encourage academics closer to physical training.


For the current study, it was assumed that the Student Status was optimistic concerning Physical Education.


Eight hundred students (500 male and 300 female) studying in higher education in Ethiopia were randomly selected from Addis Ababa and Direct Dawa. Academic years students age ranges from 20 to 26 years, with 23 years of age .


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Ethiopian Higher Education Students' Attitude Towards Physical Education
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