The Review of the Epistemology in Philosophy in Chemistry Science

Essay, 2021

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Mahdi Abbasi (Author)

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Chemistry had been neglecting for years since folks' thought had been running for salutation to the fields which they are not able to understand them duty to lake of the knowledge. on that circumstances the main concepts of the chemistry what philosophy of chemistry and its branch like ontology have been creating by them was neglecting. By ignoring philosophy of chemistry authors and scholars gather information for preserving of one pf the most comprehensive majors what it has been associating roots in other disciplines. This paper gathers facts from references which are related to the chemistry, and philosophy of it, and subdivisions of the natural science philosophy such as epistemology, and ontology that natural sciences have been assembling by their concepts, and orders for proving one of the main parts of the general chemistry. By adding some information about the awareness about "being", "concept'' and " existent" via researcher for ameliorating topic of the paper. though this paper chemistry another is investigating by the point of view another philosophy subcategory what it is called epistemology.

Keywords: Chemistry; Philosophy of Chemistry; Epistemology; Ontology; Natural sciences

1. Introduction

Wide-ranging concepts in regard of Chemistry likely is molecular change, and producing new substances, we owe this rational to the factual education at the schools. years ago, Chemistry had been buried in the crowd of the traditions, and beliefs what they had been making chemistry as an unearthly field for views. Through the years unidentified science which occasionally would have been bearing in mind as a mode for adoring have been fluctuating to the contemporary connotation, and new actualities, and detections would be being the associates of this sequence. (Ross L. Stein ,2004).

Materials ontology has been considering as the earnest cause of the chemistry (Ross L. Stein,2004). New issues of the all of the knowledge which they are parallel as the barriers of a bunch of grapes have been making sense by using of ontology. Its meaning has been counting as the best system for showing gist of the philosophy subsets. Philosophy, and subgroups can be considered as the adherents of a chain that deprived form their perception of the chain not be possible. From these concepts another proof of the fields would be attained what it utters all osmosis associate their inimitable philosophy, and for the reason that chemistry is a distinctive science which its roots, meanings and even its name had been abandoning through the history has a unique philosophy what nowadays it is visible in the crowd of the books and papers.

Currently chemistry has not been counting a subdivision of other fields as physics and Biology, so philosophy of it has not been ignoring more even it would be turned out to be a new, and customary thoughts in cramming it (D. Baird, E. Scerri, L. MacIntyre ,2006). Nevertheless, ontology, epistemology, logics, and other concepts which they are related to the philosophy of the chemistry would spread in the journals, and meeting what they intention is making this field sovereign, and preventing of reduction to other majors.

2. Relevant Scholarship

In regard of the ontological chemistry we are able to distinguish what this matter has been originating to the roots of the substances, and chemistry is one of the most suited scholars for consuming unique philosophy for answering to the coral studies, and it has been becoming more well-attentional for explaining basic denotations for creation.( D. Baird, E. Scerri, L. MacIntyre,2006).

In statistic lack of the expertise had been the major lack of the courtesy to the chemistry, and its philosophy. (D. Baird, E. Scerri, L. MacIntyre , 2006) By the same concerning chemistry had been associating a metaphysical theme through the history, and by facing to conjectural concepts for the supplies, and elements folks who they had desired to adoration their supernatural beings had been having a secretive view to this scholar(Ross L. Stein,2004).

Currently by way of verdict the chemistry covering domain on the fields which they can be considering as natural sciences, and their subfields we are able to finding the plentiful sources for finding the ancestries of the chemistry in other science. These days natural sciences, and field which they can be counting as the studies of the natural science such as electronic, and medicine are not able to comparing by the chemistry since it has been placing its sorts through all the sciences. (D. Baird, E. Scerri, L. MacIntyre, 2006).

3. Hypothesis

Ontology has no result on the chemistry concepts, and its definition of being. In fact, all the definition and explanation of being for any existent is the sub concepts of ontology, on the other hand, ontology is the way of the answering to the questions which they give the being means to the objects. (Dale Jacquette ,2014). Although, we are able to design, and define the meanings, and equations for explaining them, useless try would be measured if we don’t pass of the ontology approaches. (Dale Jacquette, 2014).

Ontology can be considered as the answering to questions which they have been being the problems of being. Although philosophy has been considering as many definitions through the history the first mean of it had been being the Solomon thinking (Ducan Pritchard,2016). Through the time philosophy concepts have been changing from wisdom concern to the innovative theories (Ducan Pritchrd,2016), but all of them have been originating of root what it is not only solving main problems and asking them, but also philosophy is the method for verdict new concepts and problems (Ducan Pritchard,2016).

Numerous concepts which they have been counting recognizable for explaining the denotation of "is" ,and all the existent have been combining from more than one concepts would have been gathering for passing of the way of ontology, and philosophy(Gilles Deleuze, Felix Guttari , 1994) , by the same token philosophy is the designer of the main questions which they are related to the main concepts, and ontology is the ways for discovery to answer them ( Ducan Pritchard,2016) , so Ontology can be considered as one of the subsets for philosophy for the sake of minds which they enterprise the main enquiries regularly solve their glitches nevertheless, astute search for the main problems since they would rather to solve them. And unravelling queries not only is one method for scientists but also it has been extending an creating natural sciences such as chemistry, physic, and other topics what they have been accepting as a field nowadays. (D. Baird, E. Scerri, L. MacIntyre , 2006) chemistry as a natural science has been associating its independent concepts, and philosophy but also its philosophy is vaster than other fields as far as ontology have been spotting as one of the subcategory of philosophy I am about to seek Ontology in the point of view epistemology.

4. Epistemology

To Answer to the quandaries which they have been relating to the "why" of the phenomena have been counting a method for obtaining knowledge by the same token; knowledge is awareness of the evidences which the concealing facts would be elucidated by this act. (M Steup, R Neta, 2005)

Language is a way for communication and around the world different languages use of the vast verity of words, and norms for explaining concepts which they are identical through the world. knowledge had been calling "episteme " in the ancient Greek (M Steup, R Neta, 2005). The first part of the epistemology not only has been associating axiom from Greece words but also second part is from "logo" in Greece by processing parts of this word we are able to consider a new concept which it can be recognizable as the seeking for the reasons or results; or finding the proofs of the believes (M Steup, R Neta, 2005). Epistemology has been searching for finding concepts and sakes of the believes, what I mean is that if a Solomon ask himself "what is it" or "what called that" he's passed of the Ontology (Barry Smith, 2003) and epistemology searches for the reasons of that object about existence.

5. Ontology

We are able to consider a subset of the philosophy which it has been referring to the structure and sort of the res and also all phenomena in the point of view of verity as ontology (Barry Smith, 2003).

A comprehensive classification for the area of the reality would be built by philosopher by ontology for answering to the problems which they have been clearing sides of a phenomenon for explaining and finding the main concepts for it however, the classifications what they have been presenting by the philosopher through ontology are able to be compared by the classifications which they have been relating to the natural sciences such as chemistry or physics (Barry Smith, 2003).

Although, philosophers search for explaining, and presenting the assortments for the existents they have been thinking for a plenary clarification what it is suited for the structures they are required the awareness for presenting. As far as all sciences need an awareness for expanding their knowledge (Barry Smith, 2003), and when any of '' comparing'‘, "obtaining" and "definition" of the knowledge come to the discussion; we have been utilizing epistemology; subjects which they are selected for searching or studying that the result of this act would be been extending information have been choosing by the other branch of philosophy, and they would be explaining about them "be", "existence”, and assortment by ontology.

6. Philisophy

In regard of the philosophy of the sciences, we oblige to speak about the problems, and the questions in fact philosophy is not only a scheme for cramming, but also it has been counting useful for creating majors and fields which they have been on the answers to the main problems. By the same token, people have been penetrating the responses for the substances, and the spectacles in several ways; they have sometimes been using of metaphysics in esteem of ontology and other moments they revealed to signify their attention to the knowledge specially after the answering to the problems by ontology (D. Baird, E. Scerri, L. MacIntyre,2006). In fact, having awareness for fitting to the circumstances which they have not been finding before; is a basic problem and through the philosophy by ontology and epistemology awareness would be obtained. Through the history, chemistry had been neglecting by the other disciplines and arenas, such as medicines, physics and mathematics. These days, chemistry philosophy not only is one of the most comprehensive philosophy, but also it can prove the lake of the knowledge of the other majors (D. Baird, E. Scerri, L. MacIntyre,2006). chemistry has its unique philosophy, and as a major it has been creating by intellectual and going for proving knowledge for obtaining acquaintance even after that we had to classify our data, however, if we look at the point of the view of epistemology, we are able to consider, we must use assortment for setting our information; on the other hand, we need an inclusive classification for going for epistemology. (M Steup, R Neta, 2005).

7. Conclusion

All natural sciences have been creating by the main queries what their notion is on the lakes, such as low information about the core substance or world structure, so when they have been creating by the philosophers thought we are not able to consider no philosophy for any major like chemistry; and ontology as one of the branches of philosophy is a base of all natural sciences. Through the epistemology, we gather the information which their obtaining has been starting by ontology since, it's going for the answering to the problems, and setting the information, by the same token, ontology, epistemology and all branches of the philosophy have been associating root in the all majors.

8. References

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9. Biography

Mahdi Abbasi is currently studying biology at Kharazmi university, Iran. He is a member of British Pharmacological Society. His main research interests are chemistry, pharmacology, medicines, and ontology.

Mohammadreza Rast has obtained his M.A degree in English Teaching from Islamic Azad University of Lahijan, Iran. He is a TEFL PhD student of Islamic Azad University of Varamin, Iran now. He was the copyeditor of this review article.


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