Outcome of Virtual Sex on Emotional and Social Distancing

Essay, 2021

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Manisha Kumari D. (Author)


Outcome of Virtual Sex on Emotional and Social Distancing

Manisha Kumari Deep


This article discusses the new normal ‘Virtual Sex’ and its impact on Society. How Virtual Sex is affecting relationships and why is it resulting is divorces? The technological requirement for Virtual chat room which can be expanded to change into Virtual Sex room has been briefly discussed.

Impact of Virtual Sex on emotions is elaborately stated here. Also, some light has been thrown on the impact of Virtual Sex on emotional and social distancing. The new age normal of Virtual Sex should be considered a crime for normal people as the technology for disabled many times is used for personal gain, sexual satisfaction and to inflict pain on families.

Virtual Sex

Virtual Sex is sexual relationship established between two or more people or sometimes between a person and some virtual character which is aroused due to sexually explicit messages or images irrespective of communication technology or equipment used to make the task of virtual sex successful. This may happen with consent or without the consent of people. It might be possible that your memories and imaginations are played with to gather your approval forcibly or tactfully simulated together with images that might be falsely planted to gain your confidence and approval.

Although the term virtual sex has been doing rounds since 2003 but it was successfully introduced in 2016 as a technology for the disabled. People who were incapable of performing sexual activity in their normal life, could use this virtual sex feature that mapped their imagination and fantasy to perform sexual act with someone far away or with a Virtual avatar or character. Digital or remote simulation involves the use of directed energy, biochips and/or cybernetic implants to simulate a man or woman in the genital area from a distance [1].

Cybersex and virtual sex are relatable terms and they both are used interchangeably for performing sexual tasks via email, chat rooms, webcams, roleplaying games, avatars or even phone sex.

Virtual Sex reality headsets help its users to engage in virtual sex from even remote locations via satellites or local transmission or established gateways for the same. Recently devices have been approved for remote or long-distance simulation.

If you search ‘Virtual Sex technology’ term in en.m.wikipedia.org, Teledildonics also termed as cyberdildonics that is a technology for virtual sex or remote sex where tactile sensations are used to perform mutual sex. Also, here a term called sex technology abbreviated as sextech is mentioned which is capable to enhance, innovate or even disrupt human sexuality. On this page you can find uncountable technologies for various types of cybersex or virtual sex. Some of them are being mentioned here : Camsoda, Ela Darling (use to record erotic), phone sex (paid phone sex workers), CAM4 (dirty talk to masturbation with sex toys), sexual stimulation (theses provide new types of simulations which body cannot produce and it can be classified under unnatural sex which is a crime in India); last but not the least is virtual reality in fiction (this is haptic technology Holographic universe techniques and processes where virtual reality is mixed with reality for realistic feeling and realistic outcomes.

Four apps that make Virtual Sex almost as good as real are [2]:

(a) Sex adventure- that starts with causal questions and ends in bed.
(b) Smooth operator- teaches you 11 ways to kiss whose goal is to make you excited like in real life.
(c) Omgyes.com- which are filmed by real women who demonstrate how to maximize pleasures.
(d) Then there’s Glance- which enables in long distance sex with a video link.

This is not the end but just the beginning. If you google the keyword ‘virtual sex apps’ you will find number of free applications on virtual sex which anyone can use to perform virtual sex from anywhere.

Moreover, there are virtual chat room apps like Wakie, Rando chat, Holla, Whisper etc.

Type tinychat.com on your browser then click on instant chat room button. A message will then appear that a new private chat room has been created. Then copy the URL in your clipboard that you will use later. Then click ‘enter room’ button icon. You can sign up with your Facebook or Twitter account. You can click share link button to share the link on your Facebook account. These steps are from “How to set up Private Chat room in a second YouTube video”. You can switch the video to set up an online chat room. Companies that sell virtual software’s for VR chat sex [3].

Impact of virtual sex on emotions

Although virtual sex can be a boon for disabled if used lawfully, sometimes it can be damaging too. Virtual dating often ends up in virtual chat rooms or virtual sex rooms. This is emotionally damaging because for fun you perform virtual sex with multiple partners in that virtual sex room and start developing trust issues in real life with your partner. If you are single than making long-term relationships like marriage becomes difficult due to fear of being cheated or due to your emotional level where you disobeyed natural human nature and indulged in unlawful ways of sex. It becomes difficult for that person to trust people and establish permanent bonds with anyone. Precisely, it can be said that virtual sex is a threat to real intimacy. The partners are unfaithful online and so in real life results can be easily predicted.

Many a times such relationships are anonymous, and people can move from one partner to another casually. If the person is married then due to virtual relationship, that person will take less interest in real-time sexual act. Their sleep pattern may be affected like sleeping late or waking up very early. He / she might be spending lot of time on electronic devices/ gaming/ apps. Your spouse may be different or moodier and starts to avoid parental responsibilities or job-related responsibilities. These signs imply that the person is having cyber affair [4]. Your partner/spouse might be emotionally unstable and might often lie to you and show very little enthusiasm while having sex with you. You should not feel responsible for your partner’s senseless act of virtual sex. Such emotionally damaging relationship should be strictly dealt with. People who opt for virtual sex love gadgets and not people. It’s easy for them to move from one virtual partner to another virtual partner. Such relationships are not permanent and can be emotionally damaging in real-time.


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