Muster: Letter of Recommendation

Elaboration, 2007

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Für die Bewerbung um einen Platz für ein Auslandsstudium wird oft ein Letter of Recommendation gefordert. Der vorliegende wurde im Rahmen einer Bewerbung für einen Master of Law Studiengang an der University of Stellenbosch (Südafrika) abgeschickt und akzeptiert. Die meisten Professoren sind bereit so ein Empfehlungsschreiben zu unterzeichnen, allerdings haben sie oft wenig Lust, dieses selbst zu verfassen. Ich denke, dass dieses Muster euch einige Arbeit ersparen kann.


I first met Mr. ... in the winter term of 2002. Having just started his studies in law, he attended my course on “State Organisation”. Later he also visited my class on “Public Administration”. In the last term he also took part in on a special exercise for Examination. I became aware of Mr. .. very soon in these courses. He was among the students whom I noticed because of their questions clearly showed a good understanding of the issues treated in class, so he was able to answer my questions in a precise and comprehensive manner. Since I had received an excellent impression of him in the course, it was no surprise to find out that he already obtained to pass the examination after 8 terms of study with acceptable results in spite of the great demands which are made on the German law students.

It is not only in my courses that Mr. .. obtained good results, he showed up further interests in the foundation of law such as History of law and History of Constitution. In addition he also took part in a seminar on Criminology.


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Muster: Letter of Recommendation
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Muster, Letter
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Title: Muster: Letter of Recommendation

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