Social Media Marketing Plan. Shown on the Example of Azio Corporation

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Table of Contents


0. Introduction of AZIO Corporation

1. Marketing Audit

2. Internal Analysis
SWOT Analysis

3. External Analysis
Porter 5 Forces

4. Objectives

5. Target Audience
Social Media Zone and Drivers

6. Experience Strategy
Activation Plan

7. Manage and Measure

8. Controls

9. Conclusion

10. References


The report is based on a social media marketing plan of AZIO Corporation, which is one of the renowned American-based manufacturers of PC accessories such as keyboard and mouse. The primary focus of this report is on increasing customer engagement and outcome of a proposed social media marketing plan. The report conducts a marketing audit of AZIO for internal and external analysis of the organisation before framing objectives of a marketing plan. The SWOT framework and Porters five forces were used for internal and external analysis of the brand. The first objective of a social media marketing plan is to increase awareness of young customers on unique or innovative features in products of AZIO by employing relevant social media marketing strategy. The second objective of a marketing plan to enhance customer engagement in various social media platforms by employing social media marketing strategy that offers a quick solution to customer queries and collects their feedback on product innovation expected by them. The report concludes that customer engagement and advertisement would be a major focus of AZIO to enhance customer engagement and drive sales through social media platforms.

0. Introduction of AZIO Corporation

The report of Bradly (2020) specified that AZIO is a renowned firm located in California, United States of America (USA) that deals in various computer accessories such as a mouse, keyboard, and audio products. As per official website of AZIO (2020), the firm got inspiration from preceding technology of keyboard known as a typewriter. The prior source added that AZIO builds retro-style keyboard that resembles a look of a typewriter and serves the similar function of a keyboard by acting as an input device in PCs. It has been identified by Bazarova and Choi (2014) that the primal intention of AZIO for building typewriter-like keyboard is to trigger an emotional and satisfying response among users that use a keyboard, but with a feeling of a typewriter.

1. Marketing Audit

To formulate an effective social media marketing plan for AZIO Corporation, the marketing audit of a firm is primarily conducted by internal as well as external analysis of an organisation. For internal analysis, SWOT framework is used because it provides a comprehensive outlook on internal capabilities of a particular organisation (Ghazinoory, Abdi and Azadegan-Mehr, 2011). For external analysis, Porter 5 Forces model has been employed.

2. Internal Analysis

SWOT Analysis


One of the key strengths of AZIO as highlighted by Bradly (2020) is building classic and sophisticated designed keyboards that can be used by individuals of any age group.

According to AZIO (2020), AZIO is one of few SMEs that emphasised on preserving old technology like typewriter through their key products like keyboard, which is used by every individual that owns a Personal Computer (PC).


Buskirk and Dean (2020) described that retro-style design in their products is more likely to attract customer groups that are aged more than 30 years or more due to which, the firm gets lower sales than usual.


Buskirk and Dean (2020) indicated that gaming industry has been substantially expanding throughout the world, therefore AZIO could integrate the design of retro-styled keyboard with modern technology like RGB to offer an entirely new product, which not only attract middle-aged adults, but also young customers.


Bradly (2020) cited that despite major focus of AZIO on making mechanical keyboard, there are other large competitors in the market named as Razer, A4Tech, Red Dragon and more that uses modern technology such as RGB in their products, which created a large threat for AZIO in a similar market.

Table 1: SWOT Analysis (Buskirk and Dean, 2020; Bradly 2020; AZIO, 2020)

3. External Analysis

Porter 5 Forces

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Figure 1: Porter's 5 Forces (Gupta, 2019)

It can be seen in the above figure that there are five major elements of Porter five forces model recognised as Intensity of Rivalry, bargaining power of buyers, Bargaining power of suppliers, Threat of Substitutes and Threat of New Entrants (Gupta, 2019). By using five forces model of Michael Porter, the external analysis of AZIO is conducted below:

Intensity of Rivalry : The report of Bradly (2020) identified that there are several key competitors in the market that deals in innovative and modern computer accessories such as mouse and keyboard and holds sufficient market share in the market. The previous elaborated that companies such as Razor, Corsair, Logitech and A4Tech are major competitors of AZIO, which have highly competitive power in computer accessories market.

Bargaining power of Buyers : Buskirk and Dean (2020) indicated that AZIO follows a competitive pricing strategy, therefore, the price of their products are somewhat like other competitors. The switching cost and bargaining power of customer are low in PC accessories market as specified by (Pringle and Huisman, 2011).

Bargaining power of Suppliers : AZIO (2020) contemplated that there is an extensive number of suppliers in the UK that can provide raw materials for manufacturing keyboard and mouse. Hence, AZIO can approach any supplier who offers a good price for raw material, therefore, making bargaining power of supplier low.

Threat of Substitutes : It has been comprehended that there have been more than three decades since the first keyboard and mouse introduced in the market (Bradly, 2020). The study of AZIO (2020) added to prior statement that PC accessories such as keyboard and mouse hardly have any substitutes, as these products kept on getting innovative, restricting a need for a substitute. In contrast, it was argued by Buskirk and Dean (2020) that typewriter-based keyboards or mechanical keyboards have already replaced older models of a keyboard, as most gamers prefer mechanical keyboard as oppose to a classic keyboard. Thus, it can be said that threat of substitutes is low for AZIO products because AZIO products are mostly based on mechanical design.


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