Marketing Manager as a Team Leader and New Product Marketing

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1. Introduction:

2. New Product Development

3. Team leader

4. Performance

5. Challenges

6. Success in Market

7. Conclusion



The objective of any organization or business associations is to develop the business of the now and then, and because of which various methodologies are framed, make new thoughts, ideas and procedures, and the assignment of promoting/ market new products is to develop the business is likewise examined, the main obligation of this leader/ manager has a place with the marketing manager as a team leader. The team leader or marketing manager given these objectives to stay aware of the old business and market the new products to make more business for organization and creates various techniques to arrive at this target. but as a manager/ team leader puts his marketing force first. In this conceptual paper, Content analysis is an observational research method that is used to evaluate systematically the symbolic content of all forms of recorded communications. These communications can be analyzed at many levels (image, word, roles, and so on), this manner making a domain of research opportunities. what are the challenges that the marketing manager poses to this' as team leader in market while embracing/ introduce the new product; what kind of marketing team drives them to defeat these difficulties. Through this research, people who want to start a career as a marketing manager, or team leader, have been given the task of market a new product in market. People know what they can do to help their team leader for market the new product. This research is limited to Karachi city, but it can be expanded to other cities of Pakistan.

Keywords: New products, Team leader, Performance, Challenges in Market, Success

1. Introduction:

New product development pointing to the strategies and activities used to offer new product for sale to the public or alter existing items to prosper new organizations. Item improvement includes a few phases, from creating a plan to appropriating the new product to buyers (lNachiappar&amaniana, 2019). Each progression requires a methodology to be success and create income for a business. New product advancement systems mean to work on existing items to revitalize a current market or make new items that the market is searching for. The subject of exploration concerning the dispatch of new items is of the best advantage to business overall and to the accomplishment of organizations all in all, as various investigations show the connection among development and benefit. (cho, 2005). The means associated with new product development are comparable in a wide range. The object of the current study is to give a reduced outline of flow logical information or knowledge about the dispatch of new product development (zhenzhong&quan, 2019).In a competitive climate that is worldwide, extreme and dynamic, the advancement of new product and cycles is progressively turning into a point of convergence of rivalry (clerk, 1993).

New product development (NPD) is the method involved with carrying other products to the commercial center. Business might have to take part in this cycle because of changes in buyers’ inclinations, expanding contest and advances in innovation or to benefit from another good opportunity. The proficient and powerful presentation of new items into the commercial center or market is away in which numerous associations can acquire huge advantage (Vikas&Choudhary, 2019). New Product development is a system organization used to take off contenders who are likewise delivering new product into the commercial center or market, to develop portion of the overall industry or develop the all-out market, and to block the need to contend on cost alone (stawicki, 2010). Marketing or Promoting exercises have become extra different and are regularly done by a few business or marketing organizations or potentially in a few utilitarian regions, all of which use data/ information as a vital natural substance of showcasing (wyner, 2008). the marketing manager have for quite some time been appointed to oversee choices identified with the advertising or marketing strategies blend and advancement of target promoting systems and business procedures connected with marketing or promoting the products (Kotler, 1972).

Marketing managers play a vital role for new product development in market, the whole burden is on the marketing manager to decide how to introduce a new product to the marketplace (Niels&Paul, 2021). the marketing manager is also responsible for making the product successful in market and generate revenue for company. marketing manager thought have recommended that numerous conventional choices identified with promoting blend, including everyday brand the board (Jonatan, 2021). Key record the executives, products advancement, and evaluating and dispersion, are as of now not the essential space of the promoting/ advertising division yet have been reassigned to vital and strong marketing business units (webster, 2005).It is the responsibility of the marketing manager to select the best team before marketing new product, he himself has a good knowledge of market with the ability to solve marketing related problems quickly. Best marketing manager as team leader trust his team, A subordinate who believes their marketing manager will be bound to foster novel and helpful thoughts, as the person has a solid sense of security in investigating better approaches for doing things. When subordinates trust their team leader or marketing manager, the leader might respond by giving them more noteworthy scope in navigation (Tan, 2000).

For internal coordination to guarantee compelling marketing activity and thinks about the manager of marketing, through the marketing blend, as the mediator of marketing activity, it is also main responsibility of the marketing manager to keep on eyes on the internal and external network (McLoughlin, 2002). The meaning of internal network is doesn’t miss out a product delivery, and keep a open eyes on distribution channels, same as always keep marketing forces in active positions to delivery orders on time and develop strategies for customer satisfaction. overseeing managing inner and outside connections network which contains numerous new entertainers has been progressively turning into a critical job for team leader or marketing manager(shao&guo, 2021). Advertising or marketing manager are engaged with a critical communication with this relationship' ecosystem including inside players, for example deals power, designing groups, customers administrations, and outside entertainers, for example buyers, providers, channel individuals, organization, key industry players, government, and even competitor (Nix&Zacharia, 2008).

A responsible marketing manager maintains excellent relationship with his customers, throughout the previous fifty years, marketing or promotion of products researchers and experts have commonly concurred that marketing addresses the customers focal point of business generate companies (Gro¨nroos, 2006).No new product can be successful without customers satisfaction, it is said that customers are always right, the marketing manager's relationship with customers is like a closely related, especially if the success of new products, is such that the relationship with the customers just like backbone of new product success. Customers Relation Management has formed into a space of significant importance in the many past years or somewhere in the vicinity (Payne&Frow, 2006). Past direct collaborations with the customer or their marketing company, creating and keeping up with solid business associations with different entertainers outside and inward to the marketing company (Hartmann, 2018).Marketing managers motivate timely to field force, issues identified with helpless proper contacts and social abilities make up motivations behind why sales force lose business for company, helpless trust, powerlessness to speak with marketing manager, failure to obviously impart their answer, that they are excessively conceited, and that they can't set up a special interaction and contact with the customers (Martin, 2017).

Execution of marketing manager is essentially liable for the administration/ management of advanced records and action the channel blend utilizing paid social channels, continually upgrade promoting/marketing exercises to further develop profit from venture, assign spending plans and analysis. Many creators/ researchers have talked about estimating marketing efficiency and monetary responsibility in the marketing capacity (Stewart, 2009).Marketing managers trust his entire team and support them on every market related issues. Marketing manager support as the degree to which a manager esteems the salespersons who working under control of hi commitments and thinks often about marketing team prosperity (Eisenberger&Stinglhamber, 2002).


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Marketing Manager as a Team Leader and New Product Marketing
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new products, team leader, performance, challenges in market, success
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