The sociology of military education in Germany in functionalist perspective

Term Paper, 2021

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Abstract or Introduction

This thesis and the question how the reality in Germany is related to military education within society will be answered in this term paper. With the background of the consequences of the Second World War on the view of an army of the German population and the bad acceptance of the Bundeswehr in the society, the view of a military education is a different one, compared to the U.S for example. Unlike in the U.S, where military education is partially integrated into the school system in Germany military education is only provided by the military itself or in small private settings. The aim of this term paper is to find out what is the meaning of military education in German society in functionalist perspective.

“(…) Education must teach people self-discipline; education is essential if society is to remain orderly ”. These pedagogical findings of Èmile Durkheim studies haven’t lost their relevance in our present time when it comes to the question of the meaning and importance of education in our society. These aspects - self-discipline and order - are especially determine in the principles that represent soldiers in the military. This connection should give rise to drawing parallels between military education in a functionalist perspective and the understanding and implementation of it in German society. From the functionalist perspective of Durkheim the aim of education in a society is to produce “ideal adults” in order that to ensure the overriding goal, specifically the functioning and survival of society . Can the values and virtues that can be imparted by a military education and that constitute and should be represented by a German soldier lead the way to the aim of an "ideal adult" described by Durkheim?


The sociology of military education in Germany in functionalist perspective
Helmut Schmidt University - University of the Federal Armed Forces Hamburg
Wissenschaftstheorie und Methodologie: Sociological Perspectives on Education
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sociology, Soziologie, military, education, military education, germany, functionalist, functionalist perspective
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Anonymous, 2021, The sociology of military education in Germany in functionalist perspective, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: The sociology of military education in Germany in functionalist perspective

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