Modern Biotechnology. Ethical Issues, Ethical Principles and Guidelines

Essay, 2022

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Abstract or Introduction

Scientists have used biotechnology for centuries to enhance the production, availability and quality of food and medicine. Some conventional biotechnology techniques that has been documented for decades include the use of microorganism in fermentation to make bread, wine, or applying rennin to make cheese. However, in recent times, the development of modern biotechnology has involved powerful new techniques better known as Molecular Biology that allows scientists to tackle the previous goals with more finesse and speed such as recombinant DNA and genetic engineering, cell fusion, bioprocess and structurally-based molecular design.

Given that the technology is new, has immense potential, is rapidly developing, and can be applied to all living beings, it can be used for beneficial purposes but there are also risks. It is a sophisticated technology that needs advanced laboratory facilities and particular environmental conditions that require investment. Modern biotechnology has been particularly successfully used and applied in food, agriculture, medicine and pharmacy. Because modern biotechnology is still considered new technology and the advancement in these areas has been so rapid, it has been the object of some doubts, fears, concerns as well as an intense and divisive debate worldwide on the potential risks to human health, the environment and society.

Modern biotechnology has been classified as a complex emerging issue that exhibits high salience combined with limited knowledge on part of the public. Jacques Diouf, the FAO Director-General, in the foreword of the FAO Ethic Series, mentioned that technological advances and organizational changes affecting food and agriculture systems over the past years have been both radical and rapid; their repercussions, however, will be felt for a long time to come and, in many cases, the consequences may be irreversible. Science continues to broaden our horizons, offering us new options that invariably give rise to controversy.


Modern Biotechnology. Ethical Issues, Ethical Principles and Guidelines
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