Relations between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Republic of Paraguay

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Relations between Taiwan and Paraguay

1. Introduction
1.1. brief presentation à Taiwan
1.2. brief presentation àParaguay

2. Historical background

3. Taiwan’s isolated role on the international stage
3.1. Taiwan’s relations to Latin American countries
3.2. The Republic of China’s ministry of foreign affairs

4. Paraguay’s advantage of being Taiwan’s ally
4.1. The International Cooperation and Development Fund
4.2. The Synery System Development Project

5. Taiwan’s advantage of being Paraguay’s ally
5.1. The Republic of China’s present situation
5.2. The request for the representation of the Republic of China in the UN

6. “Dollar diplomacy”

7. Conclusion

8. Bibliography

1. Introduction

What leads to the establishment of diplomatic relations between an emergent nation like Taiwan and a devoloping country like Paraguay?One is part of the American continent, the other one part of Asia;a quiete far distance between them. What kind of relations unite them? And what gains each one of them by those relations?

Almost nobody in the Western hemisphere would consider the possiblility of relations between Taiwan and Paraguay. Taiwan mostly is regarded as a part of the People’s Republic of China. And Paraguay is not really known at all, in contrast to its great neighbours Brasil and Argentina.

The Latinamerican region became the place where Taiwan fought for its international acceptance. The Republic of China wishes to become an independent democractic state, fully accepted internationally. That’s why Taiwan is building up relations to other countries. At this point of time 27 countries accept it as an independent state.

1.1. Taiwan – a brief presentation

Taiwan is an island of the size of the Netherlands. The population counts 17 million inhabitants, among those is a not to underestimate part of aborigines. Taiwan posses very fertile land. Its climate is semi-tropical.

The taiwanese nation is since 1860 under foreign rule. The Qing dynasty expanded 1860 its imperium, in succesion Taiwan was governed by them. In 1895 Taiwan became a japanese colony. In the Chinese Civil War between the Guo Min Dan(GMD), Chiang Kai Shek’s nationalist party, and the communists, leaded by Mao Ze Dong, the GMD ended up on the losing side. They escaped in 1949 to Taiwan. The Republic of China which Sun Yat Sen founded in 1911 continue to exist from that time on on Taiwan.

Therefore, you can say that there are two Chinas existing side by side, who both claim the right for itself to represent the Chinese nation. Until 1971 Taiwan was part of the United Nations. But when the People’s Republic of China in that year entered the UN, the Republic of China retired from that political body and is since then isolated from the international confederation.

1.2. Paraguay – a brief presentation

Paraguay, as well as Taiwan, can be in a sense considered as an isolated state. The Republic of Paraguay is one of two countries in Southamerica which has no access to the ocean. Paraguay is as big as Germany and the Benelux staates. The population consists 4,7 Million inhabitants.

In 1537 the Europeans reached the part of the La Plata region to which today’s teritory of Paraguay belongs. The mixing between the Spanish and the indigenous population took since then with an intensity as in no other country place. Today the mestizen constitute 95 percent; 3,7 million of the total population. A special feature of this country is it’s bilanguism. The people use Spanish and Guaraní, a indegenous language, equally. Paraguay detached itself from it’s status as a Spanish colony in 1813. As a course of the Tripel- Alliancia War and the Chaco War Paraguay lost huge parts of its land to Argentinia, Brasil,Bolivia and Uruguay,moreover, it lost its access to the ocean.

Paraguay has a predominatly agricultural economy, with an important commercial sector. Agricultural activities, most of which are for export, represent about 20 percent of the GDP. More than 200,000 families depend on subsistence farming activities and maintain marginal ties to the larger productive sector of the economy. The economy is dependent on exports of soybeans, cotton, grains, cattle, timber and sugar. Soybeans and cotton account for over 60 percent of exports.

2. Historical background of the relations between Taiwan and Paraguay

The first time the Taiwanese people came in contact with the Spanish, which are regarded as the fathers of the Latinamerican continent, is a far step back in history. The Portugiese reached Taiwan in 1590, from that time on Taiwan was called “Ilha Formosa”. They established their settlements on Ihla Formosa.Soon afterwards the Spanish arrived on Taiwan to do missonary work in the name of the catholic church of Spain.

In today’s time the offical relations between Taiwan and Paraguay began in 1957. The Republic of China established diplomatic relations to Paraguay, which was rewarded from Taiwan in considerable economic payments.These events occur in the time when Chiang Kai Shek still rules the Republic of China and the military dictactor Alfredo Stroessner (1954- 1989) has the power in Paraguay.

In the following years Taiwan and Paraguay sign a diversity of agreements, as for example the culture exchange agreement in 1961, the trade and economic agreement in1962, the technic and economic agreement in 1973 and the tourism and investigation agreement in 1975. When the general assembly of the United Nations agreed on the admission of the People’s Republic of China on octubre the tenth in 1971 with 73 to 35 votes(17 abstentions) was evident that the Republic of China was no longer regarded as the representator of the Chinese nation. From then on the taiwanese interest for Latinamerica began to grow.


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Relations between the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the Republic of Paraguay
Free University of Berlin  (Ostasien Seminar)
Taiwan in the 20th century: Political and Economic Development
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