How to Build a Lasting Authentic Perception in Tourism Business

Textbook, 2022

177 Pages, Grade: 1

Andy Marjoko (Author)

Abstract or Introduction

This book explains the mechanism of FOPA model in detail, followed by its practical use in building a lasting authentic perception in tourism destinations. The last chapter contains a step-by-step guide to implementing a structured Perceptions Management Program.

Authenticity has been one of the most important yet most complex constructs in marketing. In tourism, authenticity has departed away from classical objectivism, which emphasizes the originality of an object. Instead, it moves towards more constructive and existential perceived authenticities. Those perceptions strongly influence the satisfaction and loyalty of the travelers. And because authentic perceptions fluctuate across travel stages, the science-based FOPA (Fluctuations OF Perceived Authenticity) framework is used.


How to Build a Lasting Authentic Perception in Tourism Business
University of Upper Alsace
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Hospitality And Tourism Management, Travel And Tourism Marketing, Authentic Tourism Experience
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Andy Marjoko (Author), 2022, How to Build a Lasting Authentic Perception in Tourism Business, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


  • guest on 10/13/2022

    Initially I was assuming the book would be a “heavy”, purely academic one. But then I proved myself wrong: Once finishing Chapter 2, I found it very practical. A useful book for managers of a destination or tourism business in general.

  • guest on 10/11/2022

    What I love most about this book: Lots of pictures :)) It might sound irrelevant at first, but actually it really does: The author uses illustrative pictures to explain important concepts & phenomena. It makes them easier and quicker to understand, rather than reading too many words. Very didactic and educative book. Well done, two thumbs up.

  • guest on 10/10/2022

    I'm managing a tourism destination in Central Asia. Before reading this book, I didn't know that tourists produce their own strategies as a reaction to their perceptions. Thanks to Chapters 3 to 8, now we can align our marketing strategy to those of the tourists. A recommended book if you manage a tourism destination and want it to stay competitive.

  • guest on 10/5/2022

    In-depth, yet quite practical. Even just by looking at its Chapters and Sections, we already see this book provides both an in-depth theoretical framework and its practical applications. By itself it's an authentic book built upon a scientific discovery. Meanwhile, the best part is that the book teaches us HOW to gain from it, for building a lasting authentic perception in our tourism business. A recommended book indeed.

  • guest on 9/30/2022

    The information in this book, we can't get it from anywhere else. This is really the first-hand source of the FOPA (Fluctuations of Perceived Authenticity) model framework. The new method encompasses all aspects of authentic perception, including how the travelers REACT to their perceptions.

  • guest on 9/23/2022

    A practical book. Chapter 2 gives clear explanations to understand what "authentic" really means and (more importantly) how it applies to travel and tourism business. Chapter 3 to 7 explain the details of how a tourist's perception fluctuates during a journey. Chapter 8 gives clear guidelines on how to build the authentic perception in our business, and (more importantly) how to make it last.

  • guest on 9/16/2022

    So far it's the only book I've read that can explain why the perception of authenticity can fluctuate during the journey of a traveler. If somebody arrives at a destination with a highly favorable perception, not necessarily it will stay that way. At the end of the visit, it could become very low, and vice versa. This book explains how, and more importantly, guides us how to keep them elevated. A nice handbook.

  • guest on 9/6/2022

    Authenticity could be a very complex and challenging subject, but this book makes it very clear in Chapter 2. The following chapters explain how to use the knowledge in tourism context. Also in a very clear way. The book itself is "authentic" because it presents an original scientific discovery and its applications. A high value for money.

  • guest on 9/4/2022

    This book reveals hidden phenomena impacting perceived authenticity of a tourism destination. An invaluable resource for building a sustainably high perception of authenticity in tourism business. Highly recommended.

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Title: How to Build a Lasting Authentic Perception in Tourism Business

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