The Structure of CSR for McDonalds

Submitted Assignment, 2019

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Abstract or Introduction

This report is for the retail industry which sells goods to consumers on a large scale through several channels to earn profit at the end. This report will engage on how to reduce the amount of unethical practices and to make it more effective and efficient through the supply chain management. The retail market is a wide scale business with providing finished goods for consumers around the world through several ways of channels. In this time, to mention is the great impact of COVID-19, an infectious virus which has made normal life to a halt for many people all over the globe. There are many news articles in this period to discuss which will be done in this assignment below. Impacts include goods not being able to reach the desired destination due to disruption of transport, air travel etcetera. Furthermore, the components of business ethics play a vital role in incorporating and implementing certain measures.


The Structure of CSR for McDonalds
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MR PRASANNA VENKATESAN MEENAKSHISUNDARAM (Author), 2019, The Structure of CSR for McDonalds, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: The Structure of CSR for McDonalds

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