Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing. Master's program in Family Nurse Practitioner

Elaboration, 2020

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The roles and obligations of advanced nurses have changed significantly ever since the American Association of Registered Nurse Practitioners (AARNPs) began accepting extra complex and more comprehensive duties. In the recent past, the healthcare providers were only allowed to take simpler and supplementary tasks and leave the complex ones to doctors (Woo, Lee & San Tam, 2017). Nevertheless, following the breakthrough that oversaw the introduction and admission of nurses to pursue advanced degree programs in nursing, most nursing healthcare professionals can now work alongside doctors and discharge duties that were previously reserved only for doctors. In this connection, I have chosen to pursue Masters in Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) as my specialty at South University.

Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing

The Advanced Nursing Practice (ANP) are charged with several duties that ranges from clinical practice to health promotion and patient education. In terms of direct clinical practice, the advanced practice nurse may engaged in different functions and activities that promote a positive nurse-patient relationship (Heale & Rieck Buckley, 2015). These comprises of carrying out diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment of patients, managing different health situations, exploring different treatment options, determining effective and establishing healthy patient-nurse relationship (Woo, Lee & San Tam, 2017).

Nursing in Primary Care deals with healthy populations, directing their actions towards the basic causes of health loss, including hygiene, food, and domestic risks, in a multispectral way, with the participation of the community itself, putting the means at your fingertips to improve your health, as well as to avoid disease. Primary care nursing professionals' mission is to work with the sick population suffering from chronic pathological processes or common illnesses that do not require hospitalization and that require care that can be provided in their usual environment (Simone, McComiskey & Andersen, 2016). In the same way, they also take care of that population whose pathological process will lead irreparably to their death and prefer, and may, be at their home or that of their relatives, rather than in a health center.

Nursing Role in Education

Education is an essential component in the nursing profession; it is conceived as a substantive function within the role; for this reason, this professional is considered to be an educator by nature. The education provided by the nursing profession is not only a central element of care but also of its management and transversal to the role it plays in the different instances of its responsibilities, which requires constant innovation and being at the forefront of issues of interest (Simone, McComiskey & Andersen, 2016). The nursing professional's teaching function mainly refers to health education activities and those related to continuing education or training of new professionals, capable of generating comprehensive changes in society and the health field. To perform the function, nursing professionals must meet academic requirements such as teaching skills. By being consistent, the development of their work can encourage the student to make decisions, make observations, perceive relationships, and work as a team (Woo, Lee & San Tam, 2017). In this way, the teacher provides the student with the development of skills and attitudes that lead to the acquisition of scientific and technical power to act for the benefit of society.


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