Developing "Galaxy Shooter". A 2D Web-Based Game using Unity

Research Paper (undergraduate), 2022

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Nowadays, the video game industry is one of the biggest and fastest growing around, providing jobs to many people and having a very big market. From the 1950s until now, many different video-game genres were created, suiting different people tastes. Among them, "Shoot ’em up" games mainly consist of a player trying to complete the game while evading different obstacles which can include enemies, environmental objects, or different types of projectiles.

During my whole life, I have spent countless hours playing a great variety of video games. I was always interested in developing one by myself, which led me to consider making this project: A 2D video game in the shoot ’em up genre, which I have named "Galaxy Shooter".

By making Galaxy Shooter, I have learned how video games can be designed and developed. This process includes the usage of different tools for graphic and audio design such as Inkscape, Audacity, Adobe Photoshop as well as the Unity engine for combining them into a seamlessly working game.

Using Inkscape, I have designed a variety of graphic objects for this game which include different spaceships made of simple geometrical figures, a big and complicated Boss ship and many miscellaneous objects used in level design and user interface. Regarding Audacity and Adobe Photoshop, they were used to create sound effects that give the player audio feedback when their ship gets damaged or when enemy ships explode. With respect to Unity, I have used it to design and develop a single working level with a careful crafted game logic, different particle effects and a complete menu system. For this purpose, I have utilized many different game creation tools that Unity offers in combination with the graphical and sound effects created before.


Developing "Galaxy Shooter". A 2D Web-Based Game using Unity
Bachelor of Technology
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Game development, Game design, Unity 2D, Graphic design, Audio design, Inkscape, Audacity, Shoot ’Em Up genre.
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Gurvir Singh (Author), 2022, Developing "Galaxy Shooter". A 2D Web-Based Game using Unity, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Developing "Galaxy Shooter". A 2D Web-Based Game using Unity

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