The German Apprenticeship System. Features and Sociopolitical Impact

Bachelor Thesis, 2022

42 Pages, Grade: 1,0

Abstract or Introduction

The key topic of this paper is the traditional German apprenticeship system and how different stakeholders participate in it. Vocational training provides value to several stakeholders, which I illustrate in this essay. In the first half of the paper, I cover the fundamental features of the German apprenticeship system, its history and current criticism. Then, after giving a brief overview of how vocational training is approached in other European countries and the United States ('US'), two major theoretical frameworks are presented. These frameworks are the 1962 specific and general knowledge framework developed by Becker, as well as the 1998 extension of his model by Acemoglu and Pischke.

In the following part of the paper, I apply Becker's model to the German apprenticeship system, finding a contradiction stemming from the empirical data. Next, the firm perspective on the apprenticeship system is covered. This includes displaying and analyzing reasons companies give for or against offering apprenticeship positions. In addition, there is an assessment of several advantages training firms can benefit from. The penultimate part of the paper features current social problems and their implications for political dynamics while also showing how vocational training can provide value for society. Finally, in the final subsection, I conclude and state possible solutions to current problems of the German apprenticeship system while also giving an outlook on the future of vocational training.


The German Apprenticeship System. Features and Sociopolitical Impact
University of Mannheim
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german, apprenticeship, system, features, sociopolitical, impact, Vocational training, Garry S. Becker, Non-monetary motivation
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Kai Kockelmann (Author), 2022, The German Apprenticeship System. Features and Sociopolitical Impact, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: The German Apprenticeship System. Features and Sociopolitical Impact

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