Sustainability of Namibian Income Generating Projects

Academic Paper, 2022

139 Pages, Grade: Distinction

Abstract or Introduction

This monograph is about the caregivers within the Oshikoto Region of Namibia face monetary hassle in that they are now no longer capable to cowl faculty fees, uniforms and buying meals or meeting simple desires and getting offerings because of loss of sources. The following studies' targets had been addressed to decide the caregivers' boundaries to sustainable utilization of earnings producing a budget for orphans and vulnerable juveniles within the Oshikoto area of Namibia.

There is a radical boom in the populace of orphans and vulnerable juveniles (OVC) in Namibia. In 2001 Namibia had approximately 97,000 orphans below age 15, which suppository 14% of the age group. The number has incremented with the impact of COVID resulting in the deaths of children on the streets due to cold.

Firstly, the study focuses on the tremendous knowledge through its documentation if it's far made to be had for use, proportion, and a duplicate of records. The results of the survey can also additionally mitigate the demanding situations skilled within the Oshikoto area around aid packages for the caregivers in dealing with the OVC crisis. The result can also additionally help the caregivers with the understanding, abilities, know-how and education that assist them to utilize the IGF sustainably. Caregivers' can also additionally enhance their sources and end up greater self-reliant within the safety and care of their juveniles. At the pinnacle of this, the consequences of the study can also additionally assist policymakers and task managers to determine caregivers of OVC.


Sustainability of Namibian Income Generating Projects
University of Namibia
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David Rewayi Mpunwa (Author)Wilhelmine Himulayi (Author), 2022, Sustainability of Namibian Income Generating Projects, Munich, GRIN Verlag,


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Title: Sustainability of Namibian Income Generating Projects

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