School children should do sport on a daily basis

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School children should do sport on a daily basis

Years ago, it used to be normal that children play outside and are in a healthy condition. In the tv and computer time age, many children switched their playroom inside. They watch tv or play computer all day long and are totally inactive. As a result, a large part of children is overweight. Every 5th child and every 3rd teenager weighs too much. But how can parents counter the overweight of their child? Children do sport in school but unfortunately it is not enough. It is mostly just one or two lessons each week. To counter the problem of inactivity school children should do sport on a daily basis.

Many children are overweight and it is an increasing problem say pediatricians. The result of it is high blood pressure, metabolism disorder, diabetes etc. More and more teenagers run the risk of dying from a heart attack later on. Support in physical exercise is important to prevent these kinds of diseases.

Productivity and behavior in school plays a major role in becoming a good student. Daily sport would influence students in many positive ways. Sciences have shown that physical exercises increase the capacity of school children. They are getting even better in other subjects than sport. Interferences in the physical, mental and emotional development of a child can be balanced with sport. Besides that, quality of movement, physical fitness and motor activity can be upgraded.

Overweight children suffer from indignities regarding their appearance. If these kids do sport on a daily basis, they will get more self-consciousness because their ability to move spontaneously will improve and loss of weight will make them feel better. Sport will influence their personality.

The health system in Germany is loaded with many problems. Politicians try to make a way out of it. With the prevention program of schools which have a daily sport program, this load will be relieved. The healthier children are the less they will claim money from the health insurances.


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School children should do sport on a daily basis
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Title: School children should do sport on a daily basis

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